Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with Al Shahama Municipality Center, Emirates Environmental Group, and Ma’an Authority of Social Contribution, along with several volunteers, has planted 3,000 local Ghaf tree seedlings in various areas.

This initiative is part of the municipality's efforts to promote environmental development, preserve the climate, increase greenery, and highlight the importance of caring for agriculture.

It also aims to expand the green area to maintain ecological balance, reduce climate change and carbon emissions, improve the overall appearance, and create a healthy environment for the community's well-being and happiness.

This initiative showcases the Abu Dhabi City Municipality's commitment to expanding green spaces, preserving the local environment, and safeguarding essential plant species such as Ghaf and Talh trees and other indigenous tree species.

This project was completed in three phases. The first phase involved planting 1,000 Ghaf trees in the Al Samhah area – the second phase involved planting 1,000 Ghaf trees along the Rawdat Al Riff – Al Shahama Bypass Road. The third and final phase involved planting 1,000 Ghaf trees on the Al Shahama Bypass Road.