Telco newcomer Dito Telecommunity Corp. is penetrating the business market to provide micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) an alternative for connectivity services.

Starting next year, Dito will begin offering enterprise-grade connectivity that it plans to primarily sell to MSMEs, opening up another revenue opportunity for the youngest telco in the market.

Dito Business will launch in the first quarter of 2024 a portfolio of enterprise-made solutions, as Dito hopes to capture some of the connectivity demand from corporate clients.

Dito Business serves as the enterprise arm of Dito Telecommunity and it is led by chief revenue officer Adel Tamano. Dito relies on its growing network of standalone 5G to deliver internet solutions to MSMEs.

Tamano said Dito's connectivity makes use of fixed wireless access (FWA), allowing the telco to install 5G connections at any site even without fiber assets. This way, enterprises no longer have to wait for a provider to place fiber cables in their area to gain internet access.

'Why wait weeks for a provider to lay down fiber cables and damage your office space when for as long as you are within our coverage area we can have your 5G Wi-Fi up and running as fast as we can deliver our FWA units to you?' Tamano said.

Further, Tamano said enterprises could take advantage of Dito's capability to provide 5G to explore the newest business disruptors like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

When compared to 4G, 5G promises consumers quicker speeds and lower latency, making apps run smoother, websites load faster, among others.

For Dito, entering the enterprise segment means that it inches closer to achieving its objective of becoming a full suite operator. Dito offers prepaid, postpaid and broadband services to its more than nine million subscribers nationwide.

Apart from this, Dito manages two data centers - one in Clark, the other in Batangas - that serve as its backbone for facilitating data. To date, the telco has broadened its fiber network to around 33,000 kilometers, supporting the connectivity requirements of its customers.

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