DUBAI - Sang Hyup Kim, Co-Chairperson, Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth in the Republic of Korea, emphasised that COP28 is extremely and historically important as it represents the first global stocktake to assess collective progress under the Paris Agreement.

He highlighted the significance of this international event in making mitigation, adaptation and the means of implementation, which include finance and technology, all these three elements together.

Kim said, “We are losing time to save our planet, and what we need to scale up and speed up our resources including technology and finance, and this is what I expect from COP28".

Regarding the climate initiatives and efforts undertaken by both Korea and the UAE, he pointed out to the Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol visit the UAE early this year, and the UAE and Korea green growth alliance in preparation for the post-oil era.

He said that this time Korea sent the largest delegation to all COPs, including more than 100 political and business leaders.

Regarding the possibility of achieving the goals of climate neutrality, Kim stressed that the task is really demanding and requires redoubling efforts and solidarity.