China has edged out Europe Union (EU) as a major trading partner for the African continent due to its quick decision making and faster implementation of major infrastructure, Uganda-based The Independent newsmagazine reported, citing a recent survey.

A survey by Inter Regional Economic Network, a Kenyan economic think tank, found that China has a massive approval of 75.2% over the European Union at only 55.8% on decision making.

China is highly rated on timely completion of projects at 81.1%, compared to 69.4% for the European Union, the survey found.

However, the EU offered better prospects in developing cooperation in terms of quality of the products or services delivered, good working conditions, employing local workers, and creating jobs for Africans.

The survey showed that 93.5% of policymakers perceive the EU as delivering high-quality products and services compared to 67.9% for China. 

In job creation and the employment of local workers, the EU scores 84.8% against China’s 71.7%, the newsmagazine reported, citing the survey.

(Editing by Seban Scaria