Iraq has awarded General Electric a contract to build power facilities for its electricity link with Jordan, according to the official daily Alsabah. 

The facilities between the border town of Alqaim and Jordan include power cables and an electricity transmission station, the paper said, quoting Electricity Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Abadi. 

Abadi told the paper that the link with Jordan would supply electricity to Al-Qaim and Haditha cities in the Western Alanba Governorate as well as some areas of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. 

Abadi said Iraq is also pushing ahead with a project to link its power grid with nearby Gulf countries through Kuwait, adding that it would supply Iraq with 500 MW in the first phase and that most of it would be supplied to the Southern port of Basra. 

“We are currently discussing electricity tariffs with the Gulf countries…after we reach an agreement, new power cables will be installed between the Faw station in Iraq and Al-Zour in Kuwait,” Abadi said. 

He added that the project to connect Iraq to the power grid in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council through Kuwait has reached an advanced stage. 

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon)