Iraq’s gas production is expected to reach its highest level in 2028 after most major projects at key oilfields are completed, according to the Oil Ministry.

Large contracts awarded to France’s TotalEnergies and other companies to tap associated gas at the OPEC member’s main oilfields will add large quantities of produced gas and allow Iraq to end the long-standing practice of gas flaring, the Ministry’s spokesman Assim Jihad told the official Iraqi News Agency.

Jihad said in his weekend comments that as a result of these projects, Iraq’s gas output will increase gradually and peak in 2028.

He said the contract awarded to TotalEnergies in 2023 would add nearly 600 million cubic feet per day (mcf/d) while another project undertaken by Basra Gas Company would produce 200 mcf/d.

Other projects to tap Nahr bin Umar and Halfaya fields will add 600 mcf/d while development of fields in the Southern Dhi Qar governorate will boost output by nearly 200 mcf/d, Jihad added.

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon)


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