Dubai-headquartered international waste management company Averda announced on Wednesday that it is launching a Used Cooking Oil (UCO) service in the UAE to improve local waste management and reduce carbon emissions from road transport.

The company has set a regional annual target of 10 million litres of UCO from customers.

It said it will initially focus on the hospitality, catering, and restaurant industries, and also work with muncipalities and developers to implement residential collection schemes.

The UCO would be processed to create sustainable biodiesel which can be blended with regular diesel and used by haulage companies, substantially reducing their carbon emissions, the statement noted.

Jobin Solomon, Head of Biofuels Project Development, commented: “Increasing the production of greener more sustainable fuel is a key factor in the global effort to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and help fight the battle against climate change. At Averda we are delighted to launch our renewable fuels programme which will play its own small part in what needs to be a global effort with unilateral government support. Improving the circularity of waste is a central pillar in Averda’s future strategy and this is merely the first of many bold new initiatives.”

(Writing by SA Kader; Editing by Anoop Menon)