The governor of Iraq’s Nineveh governorate, Abdul-Qadir al-Dakhil, announced several projects in the province funded by the 2023 budget during a press conference on Monday.

The projects include the establishment of hospitals, a stadium, and the completion of Mosul Airport works, a report by local news service Shafaq News said.

Al-Dakhil confirmed that the Mosul Airport project will be completed on schedule, with contracts signed for all navigation devices and personnel being trained abroad.

"The airport runway has been completed entirely, and the buildings of the airport project are progressing rapidly," he said.

The total amount allocated for the 2023 plan is 678 billion Iraqi dinars ($519 million), with IQD323 billion for ongoing projects and IQD355 billion for new projects.

Key projects in tendering stages include the Riverfront Project in the Old City (Invitation to Bid stage), the establishment of Nineveh Central Stadium (Expression of Interest stage), the establishment of 50-bed hospitals in Khazir and Al-Shimal (Contracting stage).

(1 US Dollar = 1,307.78 Iraqi Dinars)

(Writing by Majda Muhsen; Editing by Anoop Menon)


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