13 November 2016
The United Arab Emirates University Science and Innovation Park is to launch a new country-specific Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report for the UAE.

The report will measure the level of entrepreneurial activity in the Emirates; how entrepreneurial activity may influence economic growth and the shift towards a knowledge economy; and the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UAE and the factors that may foster or hinder entrepreneurial activity. Once completed, the report will not only provide a reliable comparison across countries using global harmonized data, but it will also offer recommendations on how to improve the ecosystem and increase entrepreneurial activity in the country.

“We have finished all the data collection and we are now analyzing the data before we prepare the report,” explains professor Nihel Chabrak, UAE GEM 2016 Team Leader and Programs Director at the UAEU Science & Innovation Park (SIP). “The report, which is being managed by SIP’s think tank INNOVGlobal, whose mission is to develop competitive intelligence databases for evidence-based policy making among other things, will offer an insight into the UAE ecosystem, as well as map who is doing what in the UAE using the GEM framework.”

A trusted source among universities, investors, think tanks and government bodies among other entities, GEM is a global study conducted by a consortium of universities who look at two elements – the entrepreneurial behavior and attitudes of individuals, and the national context and how that impacts entrepreneurship. According to its website, the information gained allows “a deep understanding of the environment for entrepreneurship and provides valuable insights”.  

“We are also going to have two special sections – one about women entrepreneurship in the UAE and the other about entrepreneurship and happiness,” reveals prof. Chabrak.

The report, which will be published in February/March 2017, is one of many initiatives being undertaken at the Science and Innovation Park (SIP), which started operations in November 2015 to much acclaim.

Alongside INNOVGlobal’s work on GEM, prof. Chabrak says the science park is also looking to extend its Global Advisory Panel, which was formed in spring 2016 to offer support to entrepreneurs working out of SIP. “The SIP Global Advisory Panel comprises more than 30 committed and talented Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) with significant entrepreneurial experience from public and private sector UAE organizations, partner incubators, and international universities and renowned entrepreneurial networks globally,” adds the director. “We will extend our panel to continue offering a unique support to entrepreneurs enrolled in our programs in the SIP through mentoring.”


About The UAEU Science and Innovation Park
The UAEU Science and Innovation Park aims to become a globally recognized innovative ecosystem that enhances diversification in the UAE economy.

The park’s mission is to train and support the new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, as well as promote a knowledge economy by supporting scientific research, building strategic partnerships with industries and commercializing innovative products.

It also supports infusing an entrepreneurship mindset and building capabilities to start and grow global businesses in the UAE’s critical areas to the benefit of the community. Too, The UAEU Science and Innovation Park provides innovation champions (individuals, companies, institutions, government) with a collaborative platform and an enabling environment for research cooperation and safe innovation.

Furthermore, the UAEU Science and Innovation Park provides innovators with opportunities to disseminate the outcomes of their research amongst the park's resident companies and beyond, and to expand the university’s intellectual property portfolio.

Additionally, the UAEU Science and Innovation Park provides students with opportunities to develop new ideas, prototypes, knowledge and skills to build a business model, as well as provide them with networking and mentoring opportunities to enable them to start and grow their own business. 

About the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) – The National University
Founded in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAEU is a comprehensive, research-intensive university enrolling about 14,000 Emirati and international students.  As the UAE’s flagship university, UAEU offers a full range of accredited, high-quality graduate and undergraduate programs through nine Colleges: Business and Economics; Education; Engineering; Food and Agriculture; Humanities and Social Sciences; IT; Law; Medicine and Health Sciences; and Science.  With a distinguished international faculty, state-of-the art new campus, and full range of student support services, UAEU offers a living-learning environment that is unmatched in the UAE. 

As a research-intensive university of international stature, UAEU works with its partners in industry to provide research solutions to challenges faced by the nation, the region, and the world.  The University has established research centers of strategic importance to the country and the region which are advancing knowledge in critical areas ranging from water resources to cancer treatments.  UAEU is currently ranked the #1 university UAE, #4 in the GCC, and top 500 globally.

UAEU’s academic programs have been developed in partnership with employers, so our graduates are in high demand.  UAEU alumni hold key positions in industry, commerce, and government throughout the region.  Our continuing investments in facilities, services, and staff ensure that UAEU will continue to serve as a model of innovation and excellence.

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