Riyadh: Oxford Business Group (OBG), in collaboration with Al Othaim Investment Company, has released its inaugural Corporate Catalyst Report titled "Innovation and Integration in the Leisure Industry." This inaugural report delves into the opportunities for investment and business diversification across Saudi Arabia's leisure, hospitality, retail, sport and entertainment industries, catalysed by Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a period of sweeping social transformation and economic diversification, driven by Vision 2030. This national agenda is creating a fertile environment for private businesses to expand into emerging market segments and meet the rapidly rising demand from the Kingdom's relatively young and aspirational consumer class. The leisure industry, in particular, stands to benefit significantly from these initiatives.

The report highlights how Vision 2030 aims to make the private sector the main engine of dynamism within the economy, fostering inclusive job creation and skills development in the process. As part of this vision, improving the quality of life for Saudi Arabia's citizens and residents is a central focus, with private businesses playing a crucial role in diversifying entertainment and sports offerings while enhancing the urban landscape and meeting social needs.

Al Othaim Investment Company is highlighted as an example of how a longstanding company with a strong reputation in its core sector can capitalise on the opportunities presented by Vision 2030 to develop new avenues of corporate growth.

Meshaal bin Omairh, Group CEO of Al Othaim Investment Company, provides valuable insights in an exclusive interview featured in the report. He emphasises the importance of aligning with the strategic priorities of the government to capitalise on opportunities for diversification and growth.

"As Saudi Arabia's economic landscape diversifies, we see tremendous opportunities emerging, particularly in sectors such as tourism and technology. These developments pave the way for significant investment opportunities in real estate development. Initiatives aimed at fostering urban development and promoting public-private partnerships present promising avenues for growth,” he highlighted.

Jana Treeck, OBG's Managing Director for the Middle East, stated that this Corporate Catalyst Report underscores the progress made in the transformation of Saudi Arabia's leisure industry under Vision 2030.

"The national transformation agenda envisions a comprehensive ecosystem that interconnects key sectors. Private businesses attuned to these priorities can play a pivotal role in driving complementary growth and contributing to the overall economic prosperity envisioned by Vision 2030," Treeck added.

In addition to the comprehensive report, an accompanying video provides further insights into the opportunities and strategies discussed.

The Saudi Vision 2030 Corporate Catalyst Report: Innovation and Integration in the Leisure Industry is now available to view and download at: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/reports/report-how-can-the-private-sector-capitalise-on-opportunities-in-the-saudi-leisure-industry-focus-report/


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