Dubai: Globally, the commercial vehicle market, as well as the car segment, is experiencing a paradigm shift with the rise in demand for its EV counterparts given the volatility in oil prices. An increase in the demand for the use of electric cars and their rapid spread in the recent period has encouraged auto manufacturing giants to roll out electric versions along with low operating and repair costs.

Reports suggest that with the advent and rising popularity of electric cars, 25% of gas stations will disappear by 2035. According to the British ‘Financial Times’ and Bloomberg, an estimated 57% of car sales will belong to the EV category by 2040. While a majority of the countries have accelerated their pace towards a mode of greener transport and commute system; Norway is known to have met this percentage after hiking tax rates for cars that run on fuel.

Gauging the rise in demand for EVs in the region, UAE’s New Auto FZCO has expanded its robust inventory with high-end purchases such as Volkswagen ID4 Crozz ID6, Lexus, and Mitsubishi; to name a few. Speaking on the EV revolution, Bilal Nasr, CEO of New Auto FZCO said: “In the first half of 2022, we witnessed a significant increase in the demand for electric cars as compared to 2021. The region is prepared to make this shift with encouraging factors like relief in taxes and zero dependability on fuel prices in addition to a complementing infrastructure. While we have already added new models to our EV fleet, we shall continue to offer electric cars of various types to meet the evolving demands of the UAE market. It is welcoming to see consumers embracing this shift in order to preserve the environment and reduce emissions of toxic gases that destroy the quality and purity of air.”

He added, "The UAE government provides various facilities and many advantages to EV owners, such as tax exemptions for vehicles and Salik crossing gates. The region is now equipped with ample charging stations to offer convenience and accessibility to recharge car batteries.”

It is worth noting that the number of electric vehicles in the UAE has increased and touched an impressive 5,100 vehicles in different parts of the country.