Middle East – As the temperatures set to soar across the region this summer, Chevrolet highlights the need for car safety, as it becomes even more integral, as the heat takes its toll on everyday motoring.

Met Office research suggests that 2023 will be the tenth consecutive year in which global temperatures are at least 1 C above pre-industrial levels.[1] Additionally, research shows that motor vehicle crashes involving driver performance factors increases significantly during heat waves and high temperatures, by as much as 1.1% for every 1°C.[2] This is largely in part due to the effect of heat on cognitive focus and wellbeing. High body temperatures can lead to symptoms such as loss of concentration and fatigue, which can trigger incidents such as car accidents and faults operating mechanical equipment.

Yet the danger extends to well beyond the driver and even moving vehicles. Beating the heat can quickly go from the pursuit of casual comfort to calls for critical care when it involves a hot vehicle and vulnerable persons or pets. Passenger safety becomes of paramount importance during the summer months; and when it comes to children, the dangers increase tenfold.

Car safety experts at Chevrolet Middle East outline the biggest dangers facing families this summer and five ways you can stay mindful when temperatures soar.

Cover up buckles, car seats and windows to avoid them getting too hot and burning fingers

The glare of the sun through a car window can turn car accessories into scolding safety hazards, especially metal finishings. Use a summer cover for car seats to keep children cool and comfortable and cover up buckles to avoid burning little fingers. Adding window shields and car window shades can make a great difference to the comfort of your passengers during the summer months. 

Ensure you have enough fluids in the car for journeys

 In addition to making sure that the car water tank is checked and topped up throughout the summer months, it’s important to have enough fluids in the car for drivers and passengers. It is extremely important to stay hydrated on both short and long journeys, especially when stuck in traffic jams under the glaring heat of daytime sun. One key tip is to invest in insulated water bottles for children to ensure that they have access to a source of cold water at all times.

Never leave children or pets alone in vehicles

The temperature inside a car can reach up to 25-degrees more than outside the vehicle, denoting just how hot it can get for small passengers when the engine isn’t running. Never leave children or pets alone in vehicles, even for just a few minutes, as it can be life threatening. Selected Chevrolet vehicles and models are equipped with ‘Rear Seat Reminder’, to help ensure nothing of value is left behind, make sure this feature is active and drivers will be prompted

Be mindful of keeping certain products in the car

In many parts of the country mercury can reach the 40s and 50s so internal car temperatures will be even higher. This can make products such as hairspray, sun cream, or spray paint, very dangerous as they can expand in the heat and creates a potential of explosion, which can be dangerous on deadly to anyone in the car at the time.

Use Chevrolet’s connected services to remote start the vehicle to cool down the vehicle before getting in

The ideal scenario for families is to start with a cool car before the journey. Chevrolet’s connected car technology features ‘Remote Start’ which can keep your vehicle running for up to 10 minutes after you press the button on your key remote keyless entry transmitter (Key Fob). Activating your RKE transmitter will ignite your engine and start to run pre-set heating or cooling options, giving the added comfort of setting the car temperature before even setting foot inside the vehicle. Further connected services are available through Chevrolet connected services such as OnStar (subscription required, only available in selected markets).

For those without this technology, leave your car in shaded areas and covered parking zone, or if time allows, leave the engine running for five minutes to allow the AC to circulate.

Chevrolet customers can be rest assured to stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days as before launching a vehicle in market, GM Africa and Middle East put Chevrolet vehicles through extensive and rigorous testing to ensure that the vehicle performs as expected against the Middle East's conditions. Be it terrain or climate, the local evaluation process ensures that GM and its vehicle brands continue to earn the badge of engineering excellence.

About Chevrolet

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Alaa Hamadeh
Product Communications Manager
GM Middle East
E-mail: alaa.hamadeh@gm.com

[1] https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/press-office/news/weather-and-climate/2022/2023-global-temperature-forecast
[2] High Ambient Temperatures and Risk of Motor Vehicle Crashes in Catalonia, Spain (2000–2011): A Time-Series Analysis