Philip Malone has joined CORE POWER as Vice President of Engineering from the US Navy, where he led a multi-billion-dollar program to construct and deliver its newest class of aircraft carriers.

As VP of Engineering at CORE POWER, Malone is responsible for providing the strategic, technical and design leadership required to bring advanced nuclear energy technologies to the maritime sector, leaning on his operational, nuclear engineering and program execution experience.

“We are excited to have Phil Malone on our team in Washington, where his track-record of driving high-level, complex projects will be a great asset,” says CORE POWER CEO, Mikal Bøe, adding: “We continue to strengthen our leadership team to cementour position at the forefront of developing nuclear energy solutions for the maritime sector.”

Malone’s career in the Navy spanned multiple operational, management and project delivery roles. He served on three aircraft carriers, including as Reactor Officer on the USS Abraham Lincoln from 2013-2016 where he directed safe operation and maintenance of the ship’s propulsion plants. From 2017 to 2021, he led the FORD Class New Construction Program (PMS 379) as the Major Program Manager.

As a US Merchant MarineAcademy graduate, Malone’s roots are in the civilian maritime industry, and hemaintains an active USCG license. Certified in program management withexpertise in production, quality assurance and manufacturing, he is widely recognizedfor his ability to achieve organizational goals through industry contractnegotiations, awards, and execution.

“I look forward to applying my skills gained through 30 challenging and rewarding years of service in the US Navy to my new role at CORE POWER,” says Malone; adding: “I’m passionate about marine engineering and believe strongly in the benefits of nuclear energy, and am happy to be part of a company that has identified a great opportunity for combining the experience and expertise of the maritime and nuclear sectors to develop solutions that will benefit both.”


COREPOWER was formed in 2018 to build a market for new nuclear in maritime anddeliver marine- appropriate reactor plants for heavy industry and transport.With over 60 key strategic shareholders from the global marine industry, and afast-growing client base of shipyards, ship operators, trading houses andenergy companies, CORE POWER is a leading provider of floating nuclear energysolutions.

CORE POWER actively participates in the work required to modernizemarine and nuclear regulations to pave the way for floating nuclear to take itsrightful place as a key pillar of sustainable energy security and build acompetitive, true -zero- emission power system for the future of global trade.To learn more about CORE POWER please visit:

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