Develops skills of 80,000 job seekers across 27 governorates

48,312 people employed, including 40% female professionals

Cairo-Egypt: 01 September, 2015

The 'Vocational Training and Placement Program, jointly conducted by the UAE/Egypt Liaison Office for social and infrastructure development  and Egypt's Industrial Training Canter has marked a successful conclusion.  

Commemorating the occasion, and His Excellency His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Yousef, Education Minister for Technical and Vocational Training in Egypt and Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of State and Head of the UAE/Egypt Liaison Office, signed a project completion agreement in the presence of His Excellency Eng. Khaled Negm, Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt.

Following the signing ceremony, His Excellency Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber said: "I am honoured to convey the commitment of the UAE's leadership to the people of Egypt. Our cooperation with Egypt to train young men and women will enable and prepare them to find jobs and build their future whilst integrating them as much needed contributors to the sustainability of the Egyptian economy. This project articulates our efforts to achieve a positive economic and social impact within the Egyptian society."

Dr Al Jaber added: "This training program holds special significance for us. Empowering human capital and equipping it with the necessary tools to succeed, lies at the core of the UAE leadership's strategic vision. In empowering people, especially women, we empower societies and generations to come. We have been able to complete this project in record time thanks to the high demand for various training programs and a strategic allocation of modules that are much needed in Egypt.

He added: "The UAE's success in delivering development projects in Egypt is the result of a high level of coordination and follow-up; part of a unique model created especially for Egypt."

His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Youssef, Technical Education and Training Minister, commended the UAE leadership's stance in standing by the people of Egypt and extending support to all factions of society. He pointed out that the UAE's praiseworthy efforts in spearheading a series of development projects have helped reduce unemployment and create unprecedented job opportunities.

His Excellency Youssef said: "The work of the UAE/Egypt Liaison Office for social and infrastructure development projects is yet another example of the excellent cooperation between our two countries. The collaboration between the Office and the Industrial Training Council opened up unconventional and practical methodologies for overcoming the problem of unemployment. Through the strategies put in place, both entities have successfully worked towards implementing solutions for the wider benefit of the society."

In conjunction with the UAE/Egypt Liaison Office for social development and infrastructure projects and the Egyptian Industrial Training Council, the Vocational Training and Job Placement Program was implemented across 27 Egyptian governorates to empower more than 80,000 aspiring professionals in various sectors. Of these, nearly 60% were absorbed by the private sector, entrepreneurship and corporate communication departments.

In the lead up to the launch of the program and in collaboration with the Council, the UAE/Egypt liaison Office launched a six-month advertising campaign titled 'The Future in Your Hands' to raise awareness about the initiative among potential participants. Complementing the initiative, an integrated information system was established to provide data related to the employment market. Accessible to different user categories, ranging from students and professionals from the public and private sector, the system offers data on recruitment, training and employment opportunities.

The breakdown of the program included 70,000 students that focused on various vocational training programs as well as 10,000 trainees from the communications and information technology sector. Of the total 80,000 trainees, 62% comprised males and 38% females. Of those trained, 48,000 young men and women have been productively employed in various capacities.

The Vocational Training and Job Placement Program included sessions on entrepreneurship, engineering, maintenance, construction, food processing, agriculture, telecommunications, maritime transport, logistics, welding, printing, textile, leather tanning and wood work. Workshops on tourism and the commercial sector were also conducted.

The UAE is currently overseeing the development of a number of projects in Egypt towards making a positive, immediate and tangible impact on the lives of more than 10 million Egyptian citizens. Over 900,000 jobs varying between part and full time were created during and after construction of the projects focusing on energy, education, healthcare, transportation, food security and housing. Many of the projects have been completed and delivered, such as the UAE People's 10 MW Siwa solar power plant in the field of renewable energy, 50,000 housing units, 78 healthcare clinics and 100 schools. 

Also delivered in August 2015, were 600 public transport busses and 4 bridges in 3 governorates.


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