Sharjah: The 11th edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) is looking out for standout initiatives and campaigns that have meaningfully and positively impacted children and youth. The coveted award features two specialised categories: Best Communication Targeting Youth, welcoming entries from government entities and international organisations, and Best Communication Project Targeting Children and Adolescents, open to participants from the public and private sectors as well as international organisations. Candidates can submit their applications until August 1, 2024, at

These awards celebrate the transformative power of effective communication in shaping the minds and behaviours of the younger generation on vital social and developmental issues. By recognising and honouring exceptional communication efforts, the SGCA aims to highlight the importance of strategic communication in fostering positive change and development among children and youth.

Best Communication Targeting Youth

The Best Communication Targeting Youth category features two subcategories. The first, Best Campaign Positively Impacting Youth Awareness and Practices, shines a spotlight on innovation and impact. The award celebrates institutions that skilfully harness modern technology to launch impactful communication campaigns to elevate youth awareness and foster positive practices. The criteria to win this award focus on creativity in design, youth engagement, sustainability, and a strong emphasis on transparency and credibility in information dissemination.

The second subcategory, Best Communication Programme Supporting Emerging Projects and Youth, honours individuals, entities, or institutions that have implemented programs or initiatives to support youth projects, startups or emerging businesses. This can be achieved through education by providing youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their businesses and projects, or by offering innovative and practical solutions to the challenges they face in business. It can also involve encouraging them to build influential and useful networks, as well as identifying the challenges youth face in the business community.

Best Communication Project Targeting Children and Adolescents

The Best Communication Project Targeting Children and Adolescents category will offer two awards: one each for the government sector and the private sector. This category celebrates innovative and high-quality communication works that have a positive and tangible impact on the mental and social development of children and adolescents. It encompasses a wide range of content, from television programmes to educational games designed to enhance knowledge, develop life skills, and encourage positive behaviours.

This award category recognises works that deliver engaging and comprehensible educational content, promote noble values such as friendship and empathy, and prioritise inclusivity and diversity. The ideal projects encourage positive interaction and active participation among children, maintain a safe environment, respect their rights and privacy, and ensure a lasting and measurable impact in line with child protection standards.

Submission criteria

To ensure a successful submission to the SGCA, applicants are advised to submit an executive summary not exceeding 250 words, as well as a comprehensive and organised 1,000-word file that uses headings, paragraphs, and illustrations to support the submission in addition to a summary or table of contents as an overview of the file. It is also recommended that the award file include introductory media such as infographics, videos, and photos, all of which must meet the specific criteria of the award category. 

Participants can submit their works that meet the award's criteria on the SGCA website, which offers comprehensive details about all the categories and criteria, and participation requirements for each of them.