Sharjah: The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) is extending a global invitation to trailblazers, creatives, and professionals in the communication realm from public and private sectors, as well as international organisations and individuals worldwide, to compete in 13 categories in the upcoming edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA 2024). The direct submission award categories, from amongst a total 22, offer a platform for communication experts to showcase their groundbreaking work and innovations in the field.

Participants can submit their works that meet the award's criteria through the website, where comprehensive details about the categories, criteria, and participation requirements for each have been provided. Nominations are open until August 1st.

3 award categories for government sector

The direct submission award categories include Best Integrated Communication System, to honour innovation in reputation management and the implementation of effective communication campaigns. The Best Campaign Targeting Cultural Identity and the Arabic Language recognises organisations that have successfully implemented exceptional communication campaigns to promote cultural identity and the Arabic language. The Best Communication Targeting Youth has two subcategories: Best Campaign Positively Impacting Youth Awareness and Practices, which acknowledges campaigns that enhance youth awareness and improve their practices, and the Best Communication Program Supporting Emerging Projects and Youth, honouring programs that support youth projects and startups.

6 awards for public and private sectors and international organisations

Among the 13 direct submission award categories, 6 awards are granted to government bodies, international organisations, and the private sector. Each category has two winners selected: one from the government and international organisations and one from the private sector.

These categories include Best Communication Strategy Dealing with Crises, honouring prompt, accurate, and transparent responses to crises with social impact; Best Communication with Artificial Intelligence Technology in Service of the Community, recognising the use of AI in communication strategies to address societal issues and create a positive and sustainable impact; and Best Communication and Media Content, dedicated to creative content that raises community awareness and engagement on vital issues.

The categories also include Best Communication and Humanitarian Practices Supporting Social Responsibility, recognising entities that have made a tangible difference in instilling social responsibility through effective communication campaigns or initiatives; Best Investment in Soft Power to Support Communication Programs, celebrates the use of arts, culture, sports, and more to achieve development goals and strategies; and the Best Communication Project Targeting Children and Adolescents, which honours communication efforts that positively impact the personal and social growth of children and adolescents.

4 awards dedicated to individuals

Individuals can submit their application for the Best Youth Initiative in Government Communication category, dedicated to individuals or youth groups that have launched impactful communication initiatives to strengthen and advance government communication; Best Official Spokesperson (employed in a government agency), honours second-line official spokespersons who demonstrated impactful delivery of government messages; Best Research in Communication Sciences, awarded to research that contributes to the development of government communication and presents new and innovative communication concepts; and Best Purposeful Digital Content Creator, with age-specific divisions (over 18 years old and under 18 years old), which honours content creators using digital media to create a positive impact.

Submission criteria

To ensure a successful submission to the SGCA award, applicants are advised to submit a comprehensive and organised file that includes an executive summary not exceeding 250 words, use of headings, paragraphs, and illustrations to support the submission in addition to a summary or table of contents as an overview of the file. It is also recommended that the award file include introductory attachments such as infographics, videos, and photos, all of which must meet the specific criteria of the award category.