Dubai, UAE: The Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) kicked-off the first edition of Human Resources Forum for 2024, in the presence of His Excellency Abdulla Ali Bin Zayd Al Falasi, Director-General of DGHR, along with Directors of Human Resource departments from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. The primary goal of the forum is to discuss best practices in occupational well-being, fostering the exchange of experiences and experiments to improve the well-being of employees within the Dubai Government. Furthermore, it serves as an ideal platform to stay updated on the latest studies and research in the field of employee well-being.

The Forum analysed strategies aimed at enhancing the well-being of employees within the Dubai government. It further focussed on two pivotal pillars: ‘Employee Health and Promoting Their Psychological Health,’ and ‘Lessons Learnt from the Best Practices.’

His Excellency Abdulla Ali Bin Zayd Al Falasi, Director-General of the DGHR, said: “Occupational well-being stands as a vital aspect that affects employee happiness, satisfaction, and productivity, further influencing the quality of government services. Recognising the significance of refining the government work system, the Dubai Government Human Resources Department is committed to creating a work environment that not only motivates and comforts employees but also ensures a harmonious work-life balance. Aligned with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the inaugural Human Resources Forum for 2024 is being organised, seeking to establish the groundwork for occupational well-being and leverage innovative technologies to cultivate a flexible work environment tailored to the demands of future jobs, with the goal of positively impacting employee happiness.”

H.E. added: “The Forum serves as an ideal platform for observation and learning from best practices, enabling interaction and engagement with experts and professionals in occupational well-being. Participants can gain valuable insights and knowledge from the experiences of these experts. Additionally, they can explore a diverse range of programs initiatives, and activities that are designed to foster physical, psychological, and social well-being of employees.”

Iman Saleh Bin Khatam, Director of Policy and Program Support at DGHR, highlighted that the Human Resources Forum serves as an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and suggestions, engaging in discussions to improve the welfare of human resources, and exchanging shared visions and policies among departments on the motivation and development of personnel and talents. Bin Khatam further emphasised the importance of achieving a harmonious balance between the well-being of human resources, fulfilling job responsibilities, and fostering an environment that ensures positivity, excellence, creativity, productivity, and employee engagement. She highlighted the significance of basing human resources welfare policies on scientific studies, global best practices, and keeping pace with the evolving needs of modern work environments to ensure their effectiveness and relevance.

Under the first pillar, Dr. Mansoor Habib, Senior Director of Employee Wellbeing at du, a telecommunications company in the UAE, addressed employee well-being, highlighting the delicate balance between leisure and responsibility. He further provided insights on maintaining the balance between personal well-being and work responsibilities. Additionally, Dr. Aysha Al Dhaheri, Head of the Health Promotion Section at Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, shed light on the centre’s practices, further emphasising that improving employee health contributes to enhanced performance, increased productivity, and better adaptability in daily work challenges. Moreover, Dr. Adil Sajwani, Consultant Family Medicine at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, discussed the importance of promoting psychological well-being among employees.

A discussion session was also organised under the second pillar, which centred on promoting employee well-being within the Dubai government. Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi from the Dermamed clinic, Dr. Ammar Al Banna from Emirates Health Services, Colonel Rashid Abdul Rahman Bin Dhaboi from Dubai Police, and Dr. Nahed Al Awady from Dubai Health Authority, participated in the session. The session was moderated by the media personality Yousif Ayoub.

The inaugural edition of the Human Forum presented a diverse range of unique results and witnessed substantial participation in its sessions. The Forum witnessed the participation of Dubai Women Establishment, represented by Dubai Ladies Club and Parkview Hospital that offered its services. Serving as a valuable platform, it provided a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of occupational well-being, aligning with the objectives outlined in the human resources management strategy. DGHR will consistently organise this forum, underscoring its commitment to fostering occupational well-being and maintaining an ideal work-life balance.

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