Abu Dhabi, UAE: In alignment with Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority’s mandate to protect and preserve public funds and resources, ADAA has launched an online recruitment platform to attract highly competent and talented individuals in various fields to fulfill its mission and objectives.

The ADAA platform (https://careers.adaa.gov.ae/) is a significant step in fulfilling the Authority’s strategy to support its important role by recruiting competent individuals who possess highly valuable education, knowledge, skills and expertise. Job seekers can register on the platform and add the details of their educational background and qualifications, update them as needed, attach personal supporting documentation such as resumes and certificates, and search for vacancies that suit their qualifications and experience. The platform also enables them to update their data on regular basis.

A spokesperson for the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, said: "We are pleased to announce the launch of the online recruitment platform, that reflects ADAA’s commitment to attracting exceptionally qualified talents that will support us in achieving our strategy and strategic objectives in preserving public funds and resources, and enhancing compliance to principles of  integrity, accountability and transparency in the emirates."

The spokesperson added: “Job seekers can access full descriptions of vacancies before applying to save time and effort, follow-up on the status of their applications, and receive notifications about their application status, dates of interviews, and tests to be completed by all candidates. It also enables applicants or candidates to communicate directly with recruitment officers.”

In line with this strategy, ADAA is participating in the American University of Sharjah Career Fair, which began yesterday with a face-to-face event at the university campus and continues today in a virtual format, giving fresh graduates the opportunity to be acquainted with the vacancies at ADAA that suit their aspirations and capabilities, empowering and enabling them to develop their capabilities and competencies to qualify them to be pioneering leaders in the future.


For more information on Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, please contact:
Wael Sarieddine
Email: wael.sarieddine@viola.ae