Cairo –  Adeer International, the leading marketing and real estate Services Company, has declared the launch of the "Strategies for successful investment in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UK" seminar. The seminar took place in Riyadh and witnessed the attendance and participation of several prominent companies in the real estate development and banking sectors, including Tatweer Misr, Paragon, and Berkeley Group amongst renowned real estate experts from the Egyptian and Saudi markets, making it a valuable platform for sharing insights and expertise in investment opportunities across these countries.
The seminar purposes to connect the three key real estate markets: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Its pivotal drive is to raise awareness, understand the requirements of each market, bridge perspectives, and discuss successful investment strategies. This aligns with Adeer's strategy to facilitate real estate investment locally and internationally.
The seminar also sought out for shedding light on the mechanisms of the real estate market amidst global variables and a rapidly growing investment environment. It serves as an opportunity to interchange perspectives, ideas, notions and experiences related to the real estate market in these countries while keeping up with the latest developments and trends in the sector.

"After a year of successful establishment in the UK market and building trust, we have decided to magnify our business scope and venture into one of the most promising markets in the Middle East, which is the Egyptian market with its immense investment opportunities. We have thrived in forming partnerships and alliances in the real estate subdivision, and we aim to further enhance our presence in this market and create more opportunities for our partners to prosper globally. Through offering innovative real estate solutions that cater to the needs of both domestic and international investors, we contribute to the development and dissemination of awareness about the real estate market and the sector as a whole," stated Bassel El-Serafy, CEO of Adeer International. "Our Company recognizes that Egypt is a heartening and promising investment market, and its real estate sector is one of the most dynamic industries in the country. It is anticipated that the Egyptian real estate market will experience significant growth in the coming period, presenting a brilliant prospect for investors to capitalize on the available opportunities in this market."
This seminar comes as part of Adeer International’s ongoing efforts to enhance awareness and engagement with various real estate markets, facilitating knowledge and expertise exchange among investors and industry experts. It reflects the Company's commitment to leading real estate markets that have experienced rapid growth in recent years, such as the Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, and British markets. It is also a testament to Adeer International’s vision of facilitating real estate investment and providing opportunities for investors in different markets. The Company targets to strengthen its role in unifying diverse real estate markets and developing successful investment strategies through the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and ideas among investors and experts in the Sector.
The seminar witnessed the participation of a distinguished group of senior leaders in the real estate sector and real estate development experts from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Notable participants included Yassin JabBara, Business Development Manager at Berkeley’s Group UK; Meteb Hamad Al Saad, CEO of Adeer Holding; Bedeir Rizk, CEO of Paragon Developments Egypt, Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, CEO of Tatweer Misr; Andrew Wright, Head-Real Estate Department, U.K Director at Adeer international UK; Ibrahim Al-Assaf, CEO of Musharaka Capital; and Eng. Essam Kalthoum, CEO of ASMO Tatweer, alongside a group of financial and banking experts and investors interested in the targeted markets.
It is worth noting that this seminar is the first of its kind launched by Adeer International, highlighting the Company's commitment to organizing activities and seminars aimed at enhancing cooperation and interaction among investors and experts in the real estate market, fostering knowledge exchange and idea-sharing about different real estate markets.