Aiming to cultivate entrepreneurship in the Sultanate, the Zubair EDC collaborated with its strategic academic partner, Middle East College, to organise a workshop on entrepreneurship concepts and funding. The workshop was attended by professors, students, and young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Ali Shaker, Head of the Centre’s Business Development, presented key topics of the workshop and explained the services provided by the Centre to entrepreneurs and those interested in the field. He defined the identity of an entrepreneur and the essential qualities needed to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship, highlighting the available funding mechanisms and challenges they could face when starting their ventures.

Mr. Shaker noted that the workshop was specifically designed by The Zubair EDC and Middle East College to educate students about entrepreneurship. It aimed to direct these young minds towards contributing to the future of the local economy through knowledge and innovation. The workshop also targeted graduate students about to enter the labour market, preparing them for the entrepreneurship environment in the Sultanate in line with Oman’s Vision 2040 and the local economic growth. He added, “Our partnership with Middle East College aims to support the business sector, instil the concept of entrepreneurship among college students, and continually strive for its development”.

Ruqayyah Rashid Al Hatimi, representative of the Office of Professional Services and Entrepreneurship at the Middle East College expressed gratitude to The Zubair EDC for organizing this significant initiative, which helped educate students on the importance of Entrepreneurship and how to secure funding for their commercial projects, through both traditional and innovative methods. The workshop saw significant interaction from the students, with many questions about starting businesses and the difficulties entrepreneurs face.

The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre, established in 2013, is a key initiative from The Zubair Corporation’s strategic vision for its social responsibility, reflecting its firm belief in the importance of small enterprises in advancing the national economy and contributing to sustainable economic and social development. It offers various services, including networking opportunities and special initiatives like ‘Tajrabati’ and ‘Tajseer’ sessions, organizing workshops, and publishing research and information materials.