The Ajman Business Women Council (AJBWC) organized a forum on World Family Day under the slogan "Our Family, Our Support" to discuss the elements of proper nurturing in the family, shed light on educational challenges and their solutions, and the impact of the economic and health aspects on the stability of the family and society, in conjunction with the celebration of "World Family Day".

This forum was attended at Al Safiya Majlis in Ajman by Dr. Amna Khalifa Al Ali, Chairwoman of the AJBWC, board members of the AJBWC, and representatives of entities concerned with family development and parents.

At the beginning of the Forum, Dr. Amna Khalifa welcomed the attendees and praised the role of social and family institutions in building the family and society, rooting the UAE identity, customs, and traditions, and spreading tolerance and respect among members of society. She emphasized that the well-being and cohesion of society are derived from the well-being and cohesion of the family. Dr. Amna Khalifa also stressed the importance of the Forum in providing a discussion platform to address the challenges facing families and their impact on raising children, how to address these challenges and turn them into foundations, and the impact of social, economic, and health conditions on the family.

The Forum sessions were moderated by Dr. Rasha Al Shimmari, Acting Head of the Economic Research and Studies Department at the Ajman Chamber. The Forum sessions began with a session titled "My Family First" presented by Alia Saleh Al Suwaidi, a social education specialist at the Sharjah Social Services Department. She discussed the role of the family and its stability in building a cohesive society, and the importance of parent's awareness of the elements of positive parenting, especially in light of the external challenges and influences on raising and nurturing children.

From his side, HE Hamed Ahmed Al-Hamed, founder of the Gracia Group, presented the second session entitled "Empower Your Family Economy" to shed light on the importance of planning in building the family and managing life, referring to the role of parents in "structuring the family's life" and setting goals to work on achieving them, whether at the educational, economic, or health level, as proper and positive nurturing the result of follow-up and work.

Dr. Amna Khalifa stated that the AJBWC plays a pioneering and sustainable role in empowering the family economy and preparing the foundations for the success of home-based projects, as they are one of the tools of cooperation and strengthening the relationships between family members, and a main source of income for many productive families.

The Forum sessions concluded with a session titled "Our People are a Trust", presented by Dr. Lujain Abdul Karim, a family medicine specialist, where she emphasized the role of health care in the stability of the family, and explained to the attendees the "eEtmenan" program, which was launched by the Emirates Health Services (EHS) to provide a sustainable and integrated health care system for families.

The Forum also featured a set of family experiences and presented solutions to many challenges in raising children. The attendees also emphasized the impact of home-based projects in strengthening the relationships between family members and enhancing relationships and communication with the community, which was reflected in the increase in family income and the improvement of living conditions.

At the end of the forum, Dr. Amna Khalifa honored the speakers, and emphasized that the AJBWC is constantly seeking to enhance its community role by updating and launching qualitative services and initiatives targeting women in particular and families, in general, to support them "economically, socially, and health-wise".