In a resplendent showcase of tradition and unity, the city of Khorfakkan on the east coast of Sharjah has embraced the celebrations of the UAE's 52nd Union Day. This significant event symbolized not just a commemoration of the historic union of the seven Emirates but also a reaffirmation of the enduring bond between the people and their land, weaving together the threads of past and future.

The festivities, representing  the essence of the Emirati spirit, commenced on the 24th of November at the Khorfakkan Amphitheatre and continued through the 25th. The events featured an eclectic mix of traditional performances, artisanal exhibitions by local families and local food vendors, encapsulating the vibrant community life of Khorfakkan.

The main event was marked by the singing of the national anthem, followed by an inaugural address from the Chairman of  Khorfakkan Municipal Council. The celebration showcased a series of cultural and poetic performances, including the distinguished Al Mazyoud Al-Harbiya Band and Al-Ayyala Band,  traditional Emirati groups performing folkloric dances and music representing the culture and heritage of the UAE, along with the Sharjah Safari displays and interactive national art workshops, spreading across the Amphitheatre’s outdoor expanse.

Adding to the festive spirit, the Sustainable March Initiative, titled March for the Love of the UAE, was scheduled for the 25th of November. This initiative, starting from Khorfakkan Fort and ending at the Amphitheatre, symbolized a journey of unity and advancement, reflecting the community's deep-rooted connection to the UAE's heritage and aspirations for the future.