Dubai, UAE: The Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) scrutinised the progress of Talent 2033 project, highlighting its achievements in empowering human resources and preparing Dubai’s workforce for future challenges. A meeting was held at the Dubai Chambers in the presence of H.E. Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of Dubai Government Human Resources Department, along with a group of executives, cadres from various departments and organisational units of the department, which was organised by the project-organising committee, during which the review was conducted.

During the meeting, the Committee highlighted the progress made in implementing the phased targets. They reviewed the current situation analysis, preparations for upgrading analytical engines and the launch of the project's programmes. Additionally, the Committee explored methods to finalise studies on application mechanisms, ensuring adherence with the project’s strategic nature and scope. These efforts aim to achieve the project’s goals in capacity-building and competency development in accordance with international best practices and fostering a significant transition in empowering Emirati cadres and enhancing their competitiveness.

HE Abdulla Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of Dubai Government Human Resources Department, stated that the Talent 2033 project reflects the Department's commitment to empowering human resources and offering requisite tools to meet future demands. This project plays a vital role in achieving Dubai’s ambitious development goals and strategies.

Al Falasi further highlighted that the project follows a roadmap designed to enhance the readiness of national cadres for future jobs in both the public and private sectors.
Furthermore, it aims to position Dubai as a global hub for talent and creativity, align educational outcomes with future job requirements and strengthen the analytical infrastructure of Dubai’s governmental operations.

Prior to launching the project, DGHR held a series of meetings with government and private entities to enhance cooperation and develop a shared vision for the future of cadres in Dubai.


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