Kuwait: In a resounding celebration of Kuwait's rich cultural tapestry, Ooredoo Kuwait, the leading telecommunications company, proudly announces its pivotal sponsorship and active participation in the recent National Day festivities held at Kuwait University's Shadadiyah campus. Themed "May you always be proud, my country, and may you be the cradle of knowledge," the event garnered an impressive and diverse crowd, bringing together thousands of students and the public to commemorate the National Days of Kuwait.

Ooredoo Kuwait took center stage in a remarkable display of commitment to community engagement and cultural enrichment, standing prominently among more than 50 participating organizations. The festivities unfolded at the prestigious Dana Ballroom and in the sprawling main garden of Kuwait University, offering attendees a day filled with the rhythms of Kuwaiti music, captivating shows, and a patriotic atmosphere.

One of the significant highlights of the event was Ooredoo Kuwait's sponsorship and participation, showcasing its dedication to supporting cultural events and nurturing a sense of national pride.

The celebration embraced attendees of all ages, featuring appearances from distinguished Kuwaiti figures and a lively march showcasing people adorned in national outfits, vintage cars, and children dancing. Live contests added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities, creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere for everyone present.

Ooredoo Kuwait remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting initiatives that celebrate Kuwait's rich heritage and national spirit, reinforcing its commitment to community engagement and cultural enrichment. The collaboration with Kuwait University marks Ooredoo Kuwait's second initiative, solidifying a robust partnership aimed at fostering cultural and community engagement in the years to come.