Kuwait: As part of its ongoing strategy to keep customers closely informed on its latest solutions, Ooredoo Business, leading integrated telecommunications provider, recently held a virtual workshop in collaboration with Intellaworld, leading insights and visibility provider in the region.

This workshop was dedicated to Ooredoo business’ corporate customers, aiming to broaden their understanding of the company’s advanced call center management solutions provided to businesses.

By collaborating with Intellaworld, Ooredoo business’ virtual workshop introduced corporate customers to the innovative call center management solutions, including an AI-supported platform for analyzing customer calls. The workshop highlighted the various features that can be leveraged to boost call center quality assurance and control, including advanced Speech-To-Text, Call Summarization, Keyword Flagging, Quality Assurance, Call Scoring, Topic Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, And Call Transcription. These features assist companies in evaluating the performance of their call center employees during customer interactions.

Through its partnership with Intellaworld, Ooredoo business continues to enable its corporate customers in leveraging AI-driven quality control solutions for more effective management of their contact centers. These solutions are intended to enhance customer service across contact centers and generate actionable insights for businesses.

Sulaiman Al-Homoud, Director Enterprise Planning and Demand at Ooredoo business, emphasized the importance of integrating the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, into call center services. He stated, "Enhancing call center solutions with the latest technologies and integrating them with artificial intelligence is crucial for improving service quality and increasing customer satisfaction."

He added, "By incorporating artificial intelligence into the call center development processes, companies can quickly and effectively analyze large amounts of data, gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs. This allows for personalized and immediate responses, ultimately exceeding customer expectations."

Al-Homoud also highlighted the multiple benefits of modernizing call center services, such as improving call accuracy and quality, reducing waiting times, and increasing employee efficiency. He said, "These technologies contribute to providing accurate reports and analyses that help companies make informed decisions to enhance operations. Ultimately, this improves customer experience, increases loyalty, and drives sustainable business growth."

In line with its strategy to strengthen customer relations, Ooredoo business is committed to organizing workshops that introduce its advanced technical services and solutions. These workshops offer interactive platforms for customers to understand and effectively utilize the solutions provided, thereby improving their operations and achieving their business goals. They also foster direct communication and interaction with customers, building strong and sustainable relationships based on trust and innovation.

Ooredoo business's commitment to delivering the best technological solutions to its customers is reflected in these induction workshops. By supporting customers in improving their performance and enhancing customer satisfaction, Ooredoo business continues to drive excellence in service and innovation.