Abu Dhabi: COP28 UAE has launched its official mobile app to enhance and streamline the experience for all visitors throughout the two-week conference.

The COP28 UAE Official App is now available for download on Android, iPhone, and Huawei devices, accessible to all registered participants. To log in, use the email address with which you were registered for COP28.

Key features and benefits

With this user-friendly app, both Blue and Green Zone attendees can easily manage their schedules, find important meetings and events, and stay updated on real-time program changes. Interactive maps and step-by-step directions help visitors navigate Expo City Dubai, allowing them to explore the full COP28 UAE program, from climate action events to exhibitions and entertainment.

The interactive maps, links to official document downloads, FAQs, guides, and schedule planner reduce the need for printed materials and the use of multiple, more power-intensive devices.

The app allows you to learn daily about the Thematic Program, and to understand how these themes contribute to global climate action. Bite-sized information, along with guides to activities, food, and drinks, encourages visitors to explore and understand COP beyond the main events.

Find all the information on personalized adventures with nine 'Self-Guided Itineraries' designed for different interests and timeframes. Each of these tours is tailored to different interests and is designed for a 2, 3, or 4-hour time frame, taking visitors on a journey around key COP locations and highlights.

For Blue Zone delegates

The design of the secure Blue Zone app will help support and streamline participants' experiences at COP, allowing them to focus more on the all-important actions they need to take. Equipped with features such as interactive mapping, route guidance, LinkedIn-style networking, private and remote meeting options, personalized scheduling, event recommendations, as well as valuable guides and links to documentation, food, refreshments, and other guest services, the Blue Zone app helps users be more productive while on the move.


COP28 UAE:  

  • COP28 UAE will take place at Expo City Dubai from November 30-December 12, 2023. The Conference is expected to convene over 70,000 participants, including heads of state, government officials, international industry leaders, private sector representatives, academics, experts, youth, and non-state actors.
  • As mandated by the Paris Climate Agreement, COP28 UAE will deliver the first ever Global Stocktake - a comprehensive evaluation of progress against climate goals.
  • The UAE will lead a process for all parties to agree upon a clear roadmap to accelerate progress through a pragmatic global energy transition and a “leave no one behind” approach to inclusive climate action.”
  • The four pillars of the COP28 Presidency’s Action Agenda are fast tracking the energy transition, fixing climate finance, focusing on people, lives, and livelihoods, and underpinning everything with full inclusivity.