The Middle East’s largest marketing technology summit – Vibe Martech Fest – announced that it will take place on June 5 and 6, 2024, in Dubai, UAE. This year, the focus is on delivering impact in a VUCA world.

The marketing community finds itself at a crucial juncture, influenced by emerging technologies that are reshaping the way enterprises conduct business, customers make purchases, and marketing teams function.

Vibe Martech Fest,  the Middle East’s largest and impactful marketing technology summit, is in its 14th global edition. This year, the agenda shifts towards an outcome-based marketing approach to help marketers tackle real-world challenges through strategies backed by real results. 

The theme – Now Decides Next – reflects  the uncertain times and the skills business leaders need to develop to tackle these curve balls. Discussions will move beyond information to actionable strategies driven by tangible results that impact marketing KPIs and contribute to business goals. 

The programme prioritises the modern customer. How they crave experiences, products and services that seamlessly fit into their lifestyle, and brands that genuinely care about the same things they do. While this poses a challenge for marketers, it also presents an opportunity for innovation. 

Inside the intelligent enterprise, while marketing spends is under close scrutiny, business stakeholders are looking to prioritise their technology investments which help go-to-market sooner, and ease operational efficiency. 

There isn’t a precedent for the level of uncertainty in the near future – but building a mindset to take on unknown challenges is a positive step towards planning for market swings. 

According to a report based on survey responses of more than 450 CMOs in the Middle East 

Over 67% of CMOs said that technology remained their priority, 

33% said that tech stack enabling personalisation took the lead  

39% of CMOs in the Middle East shared that trust is a more significant concern for them when dealing with customer data

Tackling the now, planning for next 

Meanwhile, online advertising was projected to surge by $500 million to $3.6 billion in 2023. This imminent digital advertising boom is set to hit $7.9 billion in 2024, amplifying the urgency for effective strategies. 

“It’s an exciting time. Vibe Martech Fest has always had a finger on the pulse of the marketing community. As brands shift their priorities, react to evolving purchase trends and adopt new technologies – we want to ensure marketers are ready. This edition will focus on collective learnings from leading brands, and outcome-based takeaways for all,” said Sanjay Swamy, Director at Martechvibe. 

Top conversations that VMF 2024 will showcase:

  • Zero-Click Searches: Navigating the Changing SEO Landscape
  • Crisis Control – Recovering from a Brand Reputation Hit  
  • Virality: Unlocking Campaign Success
  • Smarter Influencer Marketing for Impact
  • Composable Martech Stack: Crafting a Unified Ecosystem
  • Practical AI in Marketing: Implementation for Responsible Innovation

VMF 2023 speakers included Akash Koul, Director – Growth & Loyalty – Etisalat UAE | Aoun Raza, Head of Digital & Shukran Loyalty – Landmark Group | David Raab, Founder – CDP Institute | Frans Riemersma, Founder – MartechTribe | Ishan Singh, Director – Engagement and Retention – OSN | Jugal Paryani, Director of Marketing – Tabby | Kashmira Motiwalla, Group Head (Senior Director) – Loyalty – Majid Al Futtaim | Vineeta Singh, CEO – SUGAR Cosmetics | Rohan Kapoor, Digital Marketing Director – Careem | Shaily Verma, Director Data Analytics – Damac Properties. 

For more details and registration, visit Vibe Martech Fest 2024.


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