Dubai:– The Dutch Circular Day, organized by Holland Circular Hotspot at the Expo 2020 Dubai as part of the trade mission to Dubai and AbuDhabi endorsed the momentum and commitment of stakeholders to promote a full-fledged transition towards a circular economy where the synergy between the Construction & Infrastructure and Plastics & Waste Management sectors played a key role in its consolidation.

Need for circular economy

With a growing population, a rising middle class and urbanization, the built environment is a crucial sector to consider when re-building our economy than pre-pandemic. Urban planners, architects and engineering firms are developing solutions for circular construction and infrastructure, making use of new business models, digitalization of materials and buildings, and eco-friendly construction materials. The Netherlands is seen as a living lab for new circular solutions.

Like the UAE, the Netherlands is one of the most ambitious countries in the global circular movement. The circular economy creates a new business model which rethinks production processes from source to end product. At present, we endeavor to reduce, reuse and recycle. Ultimately, products in the future will be designed in such a way that facilitates reusing, remanufacturing or recycling procedures at the end of their lifecycle.

Dutch Circular Day

The DutchDubai programme at the Netherlands Pavilion, brought together expert speakers and panelists that underpinned the importance of collaboration, innovation and promoting new business models in the transition towards a circular economy. Two sessions showcased the latest circular developments and innovations in the construction, plastics and waste management sector.

“Climate change, loss of biodiversity and a lack of scarce materials, show us on a daily base that we need to change from a ‘take, make and dispose-economy’ towards keeping materials in the loop for a longer time. Therefore, today’s topic of how to move towards a circular economy is extremely important” said Ruben Dubelaar, Senior Advisor from Holland Circular Hotspot during the opening session of the Netherlands Circular Economy Day.

Both Meera Ibrahim AlShuweihi, Environmental Researcher from the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) and Peter Díez, Director of International Affairs from the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, agreed on the importance and high priority that should be attributed to the acceleration of the transition towards a circular economy. The fundamental takeaways centered on how circular collaborative efforts between business organizations, knowledge institutions and government authorities can help solve the climate crisis.

Arnoud Passenier, Strategic International Advisor at International Department of Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water commented : “I hope we can work together very close with the Dubai government and federal government to get things moving and use the climate COP28 as a dot on the horizon to show the impact of circular collaboration to the world audience in Abu Dhabi in 2023.”

During the event, the architect of the pavilion, Michiel Raaphorst from V8 Architects presented an insightful story behind the design and construction of the green ‘biotope’ including innovative solutions highlighting Dutch expertise and the legacy of the pavilion.  The pavilion showcases Dutch circular and sustainable solutions that can solve globally challenging issues, and how they can be implemented in the UAE and Gulf regions for both the construction and waste management sector. The pavilion also shares its legacy plans of not leaving any footprint and repurposing, recycling all its construction materials. Next to this live showcase, best practices and ground for collaboration were at the center of attention during the inspiring day that culminated in warm connections between businesses as well as the ministries from both countries.


About Holland Circular Hotspot(HCH)

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) is the international gateway to the Dutch circular economy (CE). Based on their knowledge of the international market and in collaboration with our international network, we create mutual business opportunities, link foreign circular investors to The Netherlands, organize international programmes on circularity, act as a content partner on circular economy, and we showcase Dutch CE leaders abroad. HCH is a non-profit collaboration between the business community, knowledge institutions and governments. HCH has established a unique network of companies, but also a strategic network of international circular hubs. HCH is unique because of its knowledge of the CE landscape in the Netherlands, insights into market opportunities abroad and the effective way of connecting and supporting to realize mutual opportunities.

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Stephanie Schuitemaker
Project Manager, Marketing & Communications
Holland Circular Hotspot

About the Netherlands Pavilion

The Netherlands Pavilion, located at the Sustainability District at Expo 2020 Dubai, is open to visitors starting from 1st October 2021 until 31st March 2022. The pavilion has a giant green food cone known as the ‘Biotope’ as the centre of attraction. The 18m vertical farm is covered with 9300 edible plants and irrigated with the harvested water from the air (approx. 1200 litres daily) using innovative Dutch technologies. With these high-tech advancements and more in offering, the pavilion aims to be a true platform for sustainability and circularity initiatives thereby, enabling visitors to experience the Netherlands’ expertise in uniting water, energy and food. Dutch businesses, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations have specific knowledge and proficiency in these fields and can therefore, play a key role in finding solutions that contribute to a more sustainable planet. Possessing a naturally controlled climate, the pavilion’s structure is constructed using locally sourced materials that will be recycled after Expo period, minimizing its ecological footprint.

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