• Opening Speech by Honorable Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley

Dubai, UAE: The Global Black Impact Summit – GBIS, took place in Dubai and continues to be an inspirational platform to establish a community of role models and influential black people who are driving equal opportunities to strengthen black communities around the world.

This year’s event was held under the theme ‘The Power of Black Women: To Unite and Build Our Global Community.’ The hybrid event witnessed prominent dignitaries in attendance that included Keynote Speakers Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Honorable Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, Football Legend Patrice Evra and contributions from Mr. Ndaba Mandela and Mr. Kojo Annan.

HRH Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of Congo, stated: “The Global Black Impact Summit is a representative of strengthening all our communities around the world. We are a collection of many lives from before that allowed us to manifest today. So, we do not stand here as an individual, but a representative of a community. We are made of excellence and success, and we are the most resilient because we are still here empowering each other today.”

HRH Queen Diambi continued: “We are here for the collective cause of empowering our black women today to ensure they have equal access to education and resources, and we as a community of people must all help to make this happen. There are some villages in Africa where young women and girls must travel long distances to retrieve water from their family, and this takes away from their time to be in schools. We must invest in solutions for and it is our collective responsibility to do so.”

In the last 150 years alone, black women have made a vast historical impact on the world by taking courageous and admirable steps to become medical experts, politicians, inventors, music and fashion pioneers, trendsetters, and so much more which inspired and paved the way for the black woman of today to follow their dreams. GBIS took the time to celebrate and empower the next-generation of black women to reach for newer heights and accomplishments.

Hon. Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, stated: “The Global Black Impact Summit is a fine example of true inspiration when we come together to root out racism and intolerance in society. Barbados is a strong advocate for true connection and collaboration between people of African decent and moving forward to unlock the full potential for our benefit. Thanks to Mr. Clarence Seedorf for extending the invitation to contribute to this global initiative which empowers and inspires our community.”

GBIS is also featured important discussions covering health, wellness, finance and investments, education, employment and entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, civic engagement, and leadership. These subjects are part of a wide scope to enlighten and inspire black communities around the world to collaborate for the betterment of all.

Mr. Clarence Seedorf, Chairman of Black Impact Foundation, stated: “Black Impact Foundation is the foundation of the People. Women do not have enough space yet in society to improve things and it is time to empower them. Only with their talent and skills our community will grow and solve the problems we are still facing today.”

GBIS is powered by the Black Impact Foundation, which is also chaired and founded by Mr. Clarence Seedorf, who is one of the most talented and successful footballers in history and currently a UEFA Global Ambassador for Diversity and Change, and Member of the FIFA Diversity Award Jury. He is also a member of the Strategic Committee of the UN Science Panel for the Amazon. Notably, he is one of the six persons in the world to have been chosen by Nelson Mandela to be a Legacy Champion. Mr. Seedorf is now a community activist living in Dubai with the goal of empowering, uplifting, and creating better opportunities for black communities around the world.

Many insightful topics were highlighted during GBIS that brought focus to the core of the program in educating each other in all walks of life. These topics included Awareness of Our Power, Social and Economic Well-Being, The Power of Sports and Entertainment to Unite, and Black Entrepreneurship (Trade and Investment). Leaders from various backgrounds engaged in powerful discussions and contributed their expertise to the overall well-being and self-realization of endless determination for the growth and success of the global black community.

Global Black Impact Summit is organized annually by the Black Impact Foundation – whose purpose is to build, further develop, sustain, and protect an inclusive society, where no one is left behind; and by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Organization Est. – a member of INDEX Holding, an Emirati owned and Dubai based company which provides innovative services that caters comprehensive solutions to clients around the world.


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