Dubai: Dragon Oil Company participates in the COP 28 Conference of the Parties, within the platform of the Supreme Council of Energy in the Technology and Innovation Pavilion No. 2, with five initiatives of great value for environmental work, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint and preserve the environment, in compliance with DO’s commitment to development goals. Sustainable 17 United Nations.

The five initiatives meet the requirements of climate action and are in line with local and global efforts to protect the planet and achieve environmental sustainability. The company has come a long way in implementing sustainable development goals, making it among the global companies that have committed to fighting climate change, reducing carbon emissions, and serving the communities in which the company is located.

5 initiatives

His Excellency Ali Rashid Al Jarwan, CEO of Dragon Oil, said that the oil and gas sector is one of the sectors that releases the most carbon emissions in the world, so the company has developed a solid strategy with international standards and specifications to reduce emissions and achieve sustainability.

Al-Jarwan explained that the company's first initiative was to stop burning gas, and it was implemented in three countries in which the company is present, as is the case in Turkmenistan, where the company uses compressed gas in wells with the aim of maintaining the natural pressure of the well, and the second method is to use lift to facilitate oil extraction. Iraq: The company's operations separate the gas into dry gas and liquid gas and transfer the rest to the Iraqi government for various uses. In Egypt, we raise the gas in wells to facilitate oil extraction, and the remainder is distributed to the government.

Al-Jarwan added, “Dragon Oil aims to stop burning gas completely by 2027 in Turkmenistan and in Iraq during the next two years, while the company has stopped burning gas completely in Egypt, specifically in the Gulf of Suez region,” adding that the company’s second initiative is to use solar panels to provide energy in water towers. Used in the field in Turkmenistan, the company built three offshore platforms for pumping water, relying on solar panels to operate.

According to Al-Jarwan, the third initiative is related to cleaning and restoring marine platforms and abandoning marine platforms that have gone out of service, without damaging the coral reefs. The cleaning and maintenance process is carried out using a remote-controlled device to inspect the lines in the depths.

His Excellency pointed out that the fourth initiative revolves around preventing oil spills and leaks, and the process is carried out in two ways. The first is preventive, through a preventive program against corrosion and working under the design cover in accordance with legitimate rules. The second method is a remedial method by establishing an integrated rapid response team and using emergency repair technology for lines.

Al-Jarwan concluded by saying, “The last initiative is corporate social responsibility. The company has a committee responsible for providing initiatives in Turkmenistan, Egypt, and Iraq. These initiatives vary in three different fields, including health, education, and infrastructure. In the health sector, for example, we contribute to vaccination and providing ambulances. As for education, we work.” To care for students in local schools and clubs, and in the infrastructure sector, the DO established a desalination center with an efficiency of 10,000 cubic meters per day. It also established high-voltage lines to provide electricity while building and renovating schools, hospitals, mosques, and building housing units.

Al-Jarwan stressed that the UAE’s hosting of the COP 28 Conference with a very large and qualitative international presence indicates the country’s position on the global level and also confirms the UAE’s active role in adopting the climate challenge file regionally and globally and its ability to unify the vision and goals to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

For his part, Majed Al Shehhi, Director of Engineering Facilities at Dragon Oil Company, said, “Dragon Oil Company, in addition to the five initiatives, implemented the Operational Excellence Initiative, which was launched in 2019 and has now reached the final stage, which is sustainability. The initiative is being applied in drilling operations, production management, and maintenance while preserving assets.” Under the health, safety and environment system and the quality management system.

Al Shehhi added, “DO was able to embody many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including quality education by building schools, health care through clinics and hospitals, and clean and sterile water through the desalination plant.”

Al Shehhi continued, “The company also paid attention to the issue of electricity by providing clean and affordable energy by transferring the remaining gas from production operations to the governments of the three countries, and also producing and consuming responsibly with the initiative to not burn gas, and finally preserving life under water by preserving coral reefs through maintaining pipelines and marine platforms, as well as About many goals achieved.

Al Shehhi stressed the company’s commitment to applying international standards and standards in production processes in a way that ensures and preserves the environment, and enhances the company’s contribution to combating climate change and reducing emissions.


Company overview

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