Almutlak Continental, the Agent of Continental, the leading German tire and automotive component manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, organized an informative roundtable for Saudi Media during which they revealed their main strategic lines in the Saudi market. Continental established its presence in the Kingdom in 2017 in the form of a Joint Venture together with its former Official distributor, Almutlak Metal Industries. The event took place in a luxury hotel in Jeddah and was attended by Juan Uruburu, KSA General Manager, and Haytham Khalaf, Sales Manager of Al Mutlaq Continental, also it counted with the presence of Jon Ander Garcia, Middle East, and Africa Regional Manager from Continental.

Jon Ander Garcia highlighted the main strategic lines of the Continental group and emphasized the importance of the Saudi Market within the Continental expansion strategy in the Middle East.

The meeting initiated with an introduction to Continental's remarkable 150-year history and its prominent role in the tire industry, which covers a comprehensive range of tire types, meeting the diverse requirements of the market, including passenger vehicle tires, commercial tires tailored for trucks and buses, as well as tires designed for specialized services and heavy equipment.

Subsequently, the presentation delved into Continental's novel strategic program, highlighting its strategic alignment with "Vision 2030" to foster sustainability and safety within the tire and transportation sector. Continental is resolutely committed to ushering in new generations of environmentally friendly tires and actively seeks to curtail carbon dioxide emissions arising from extended transportation routes, as well as to the utilization of sustainable materials, with the ambitious goal of becoming the foremost 100% sustainable tire manufacturer by the year 2050.

Beyond its tire manufacturing endeavors, Continental extends its expertise to encompass an extensive array of technologies and products addressing safety and environmental concerns. This encompasses cutting-edge brake systems, chassis components, and motion control systems. Furthermore, Continental's ContiTech division is dedicated to pioneering development and innovation in its field.

Moreover, the Continental brand continues to expand its role as a major manufacturer of key components in vehicles for a variety of brands, ranging from ‘head-up display’ units to sensors such as wheel speed and acceleration sensors for crash detection.

On this occasion, Jon Ander Garcia, Middle East and Africa Regional Manager, addressed the company's objectives and strategies at the local, regional, and international levels. He emphasized the importance of safety, performance, and sustainability, stating that their intention  is achieving ambitious sustainability goals. This program is seen as a substantial advancement, showcasing the company's technical leadership and unwavering dedication to sustainability and safety.

Juan Uruburu, KSA General Manager, delivered a speech in which he commended the alignment of Continental's global vision with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. He highlighted the company's commitment to advancing the transportation sector and playing a pivotal role in shaping a successful future. He also emphasized the company's dedication to supporting Vision 2030 by introducing innovative technologies and products that promote environmentally friendly transportation, enhance road safety, and contribute to sustainable development.

This event marks a significant milestone in Continental Tires' expansion within the Saudi market, underscoring the company's unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovation in the transportation sector. Over the past decades, this commitment has led to the attainment of numerous awards and patents, further solidifying Continental's position as a pioneering and innovative force in the industry.