Abu Dhabi: "The International Dialogue of Civilization and Tolerance Conference" concluded its activities, which took place over three days in Abu Dhabi, under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Mubarak bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence. The conference was organised by the Emirates Scholar Center for Research and Studies, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, and with the support of the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau under the Department of Culture and Tourism, with local, Arab, and international attendance.

Conference President Calls for Adopting a Stance against "Cyberbullying" and Supporting Victims

In his closing speech at the conference, Dr. Fawaz Habbal, President of the Conference and Secretary-General of the Emirates Scholar Center for Research and Studies, expressed his pride in what the conference had achieved during its scientific sessions over the course of three days, particularly in promoting the values of tolerance and addressing the issue of "bullying and tolerance." A symbolic video produced by UNICEF on this topic was presented. Dr. Habbal explained the importance of tolerance, especially as bullying has become a global issue, necessitating appropriate solutions for the harassment faced by individuals who are bullied, especially in academic sectors, and its impact on students' academic achievement.

The conference president addressed "cyberbullying" and its adverse effects on individuals in various societies through social media platforms, emphasizing that despite efforts such as those by "Meta" to curb this phenomenon through a series of measures, much more is needed. He stressed the necessity of collectively combating "cyberbullying" and creating digital environments that are safer and more inclusive, encouraging open dialogue and education about the consequences of this phenomenon. He stated, "Tolerance on the Internet promotes compassion, understanding, and mutual respect in online interactions," and made an urgent call to adopt a stance against "cyberbullying" and support its victims, in addition to blocking "internet bullies" and advocating for stronger policies and legislation against them. He praised the experience of the United Arab Emirates in combating the phenomenon of "bullying" through the enactment of several deterrent laws and renewed the call of the Dialogue among Civilizations and Tolerance Conference to spread a culture of tolerance and continue working in the future to combat this global negative phenomenon.

On her part, Ms. Nahal Saad, Director of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, spoke about the clash of civilizations, the alliance of civilizations, and the differences between them, invoking the experience of the United Arab Emirates, which hosts more than 200 nationalities from different countries around the world, and the state of integration among them, emphasizing that this represents the most prominent aspect of tolerance and thus reaching acceptance and forgiveness of others, in addition to "The Abrahamic House" and what it represents as an address for tolerance among religions.

The conference sponsor, Mr. Paul Chader, Head of Commercial at Emirates Draw, said: "Believing in the dialogue among civilizations and towards a world dominated by tolerance in all its diversities and religions, this conference came once again to affirm that tolerance is a high-quality trait that everyone must embrace and accept others despite all differences."

Launch of the International Journal of Civilizational Dialogues and Tolerance

The inaugural edition of the International Journal of Civilizational Dialogues and Tolerance was announced, marking the first peer-reviewed scientific journal for civilization and tolerance sciences, offering a new perspective on the evolution of civilizations, and introducing the latest studies and research in the field of tolerance and coexistence using tools for measuring scientific impact and peer review. Awards of appreciation were presented to HE Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chief of Police and Public Security in Dubai for the category of "Global Impact on the Culture of Tolerance and Coexistence" and to Sheikh Dr. Ammar bin Nasser Al Mualla for "Enhancing Tolerance through Education."

The eighth and final session addressed the topic of "The Role of Leaders in Cultivating Tolerance." During this session, Dr. Mustafa Saasa, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Raj Group, spoke on "Sustainable Development and Cultural Sensitivity." Several topics were discussed during the session chaired by Professor Andrew Davies, most notably the discussion titled "Building Bridges: Tolerance in the Fabric of Sustainable Development and Relations," with contributions from Dr. Husna Ahmad OBE, Dr. Jyoti Gupta, and Aynat Levy. Husna Ahmad OBE, CEO of Global One, discussed "Exploring Women's Leadership Approach in Climate Justice: Pathways to Influence and Empowerment," in addition to Ani Zonneveld, Founder and President of Muslim for Progressive Values, on "Instilling a Culture of Human Rights Through Music," chaired by Omar Al Hussaini.

Conference Recommendations: Collective Recognition of Tolerance

The conference concluded with a unanimous recognition of tolerance as the cornerstone of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. Participants expressed their commitment to translating the insights gained into tangible actions and called for tolerance in all areas of society, celebrating diversity and respecting differences, so that tolerance prevails always.

The Emirates Scholar Center for Research and Studies announced plans for the upcoming conference, which will build on the momentum generated by the success of the current conference, with a renewed focus on enhancing dialogue and understanding among civilizations to promote purposeful exchange and cooperation.

The participants and sponsors of the "The International Dialogue of Civilization and Tolerance Conference" were honored, which presented a clear picture of Abu Dhabi as the "Capital of Coexistence and Tolerance," promoting meaningful dialogue among civilizations and sharing global experiences that lay the foundation for partnership in coexistence among all civilizations