Archiplexus, an award-winning Dubai-based architecture and design firm, proudly announces its participation in the Dubai Municipality panel titled “What Science and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge tells us about Nature Conservation in the Urban Environment” as part of the COP28 event in Expo City Dubai.

Shwan Alhashimi, the Founder and Managing Director of Archiplexus, shares his insights and expertise on preserving the rich Emirati heritage while  keeping within the unique post-contemporary approach, a term uniquely coined by Archiplexus, that is at the core of every project. It intertwines indigenous values, culture, and traditions with a futuristic vision.

This philosophy is not just about creating structures; it's about weaving the rich Emirati cultural heritage into the very essence of their designs, ensuring sustainability and spiritual resonance, while echoing the words of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan: “He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn.”

Alhashimi, who was speaking at the Dubai Municipality panel, shared, “Our dedication to preserving Emirati culture forms the cornerstone of our architectural narrative, going beyond conservation to foster a sustainable dialogue between the past and the future. Our architectural creations are not mere structures but are beacons that illuminate the journey for future generations, ensuring the vibrancy of our heritage is experienced and lived.”

This commitment to sustainable cultural integration within the built environment stands as a tribute to the UAE's enduring legacy. By marrying Emirati tradition with visionary foresight, we craft spaces that echo our ancestors' wisdom while embracing the possibilities of tomorrow.

To draw from previous projects, this philosophy is exemplified in award-winning projects like the Onepoto footbridge in New Zealand. This structure is a prime example of Archiplexus’s post-contemporary methodology, encapsulating the essence of indigenous Maori culture through its design, thereby bridging the gap between traditional values and modern architectural innovation.

Archiplexus's participation at COP28, held at Expo City Dubai, is a significant stride in our journey towards pioneering post-contemporary architecture that honors and perpetuates the rich Emirati cultural heritage, guiding and inspiring future generations.

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