Abu Dhabi, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) -- AIM Congress 2024, the premier global investment platform, is set to convene in Abu Dhabi from May 7 to May 9, 2024, under the theme "Adapting to a Shifting Investment Landscape: Harnessing New Potential for Global Economic Development." This annual gathering, organized by the AIM Global Foundation, will bring together industry leaders, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and experts from around the world to explore innovative strategies and opportunities for economic growth and prosperity, with the participation of more than 900 speakers and the organization of over 450 dialogue sessions, 7 high-level roundtable meetings, and 27 side events.

AIM Congress 2024 will shine a spotlight on two important themes at the 13th edition: the SMEs Track and the Regional Focus Forums Track. These tracks are designed to address critical issues facing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and promote regional cooperation and synergy for sustainable progress and development. 

The SMEs Track at AIM Congress 2024 will focus on empowering SMEs to thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

Key sessions at AIM Congress 2024's SMEs Track offer a comprehensive exploration of critical challenges and opportunities. The Leaders’ Panel delves into the nuances of Outward Foreign Direct Investments (OFDI) for SMEs, highlighting emerging trends and strategies. Customer-centric innovation takes center stage in the Panel on AI's role in enhancing loyalty and retention. Additionally, AIM Talks 2024 celebrates Women Led SMEs, showcasing inspiring models of success. 

The Regional Focus Forums Track will explore the importance of regional cooperation and synergy in addressing common challenges and unlocking new opportunities for economic advancement. With dedicated forums covering regions such as Europe, Asia, Africa, BRICS, the Arab Region, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Region, this track will facilitate cross-border collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnership building to drive sustainable progress and development. 

Key forums at AIM Congress 2024's Regional Focus Track promise insightful discussions on regional cooperation and progress. The European Regional Forum aims to empower Europe's future through strategic investments driving growth and competitiveness. Meanwhile, the Asia Regional Forum seeks to unlock the continent's potential by harmonizing sustainability efforts and advancing technology for economic development. In Africa, the spotlight is on the continent's economic growth outpacing global forecasts at the Africa Regional Forum. The BRICS Business Forum discusses the shift in the world's economic center towards BRICS nations, reshaping the global landscape. Other forums include the Arab Regional Forum and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Forum, focusing on innovation-driven sustainability and global transitions, respectively. 

These forums will provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss regional challenges, explore collaborative solutions, and identify opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity.