Dubai – United Arab Emirates - The 2nd edition of Emirates International Forensic Conference and Exhibition, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, concluded today at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, after three days of successful discussions and sessions in the field of forensics highlighting the impact of Artificial Intelligence and next generation technologies on forensic sciences.

On the 3rd and final day of the conference, specialists and experts in forensic sciences offered their insights on a number of key topics and case studies which included a key lecture by Colonel Khalid bin Muweizah, Deputy Director of Anti-drug department in Dubai Police spoke about the best practices and challenges in drug trafficking and smuggling . Prof. Bruce McCord, Professor of Chemistry of the Florida International University, also gave a detailed account on ‘The Application of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for the Determination of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Oral Fluids while Brigadier Eid Thani Haareb, General Director of Anti-Narcotics Department, lectured on ‘Best Practices and Challenges in Drug Trafficking and Smuggling’.

In addition, Dr. Fuad Tarbah, Senior Forensic Toxicologist of the General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology at Dubai Police, spoke about ‘The Hidden Dangers of Pesticides’ Homicide and Suicide Forensic Cases, while Prof. Dr. Thomas Keller, Head Toxicology Department, Forensic Toxicologist, Austria, elaborated on a key trending topic in forensics, ‘Death by hanging or by Intentional Ingestion of central nervous active substances or by both?’. Furthermore, Dr. Walid Metwally, Associate Professor and Chair, Nuclear Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Sharjah, delivered a lecture on ‘Boron-Lined Nal Detectors; An Efficient Alternative for Neutron Detection’.

Apart from a number of highly specialized scientific and technical lectures on a variety of topics in forensics, Emirates International Forensic conference also played host to a number of Oral Presentations on ‘cybersecurity’, a key theme for forensic professionals. While Dr. Mohamed Awadalla spoke at length on ‘VIP Bank Clients Money Grabbed By True Issued Forged Bank Cheques’, Prof. Anna Koziczak addressed an interesting topic for forensic experts, ‘Self-Forgery Of Illegal Signatures’ and Dr. Kirin Hilliar addressed an important local theme in forensic sciences ‘Forensic Psychology In The GCC: A David That Could Be A Goliath’.

Moreover, Dr. Sameera Almulla hosted a lecture on ‘Science Could Make it Impossible to Get Away With Cloud Based Crime’ while Expert Mohamed Al Awadi offered unique insights into ‘3D Face Scanning For Biometric Face Comparisons’.

Additionally, Ms. Aisha Ali Bin Tamim and Ms. Salama Bin Ghulaitha spoke about ‘Future Foresight and Artificial Intelligence in the Aspect of Drug Chemistry’, while Lt. Mohammad Thani AlMarri directed his attention towards ‘Identify Suitable Base Powders for C-dots Nanoparticles for Developing Fingerprint Powders’. While approaching a recent phenomenon in Forensics, Ms. Ayatelrahman Shaarawy, spoke about Digital Taste Interfaces – Virtual Future Addiction Scare.

While commenting on his participation and presenting a lecture on his topic ‘The Application of Police Dogs In ‘Suspect Identification’, Major J. Scott Stephenson, Director of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) in Utah, USA said, “Emirates Forensic 2018 is indeed a great platform for forensic experts in the region and abroad to not only empower themselves with the latest in the field of forensics but also share best international practices. The annual forensic forum greatly helped in meeting our common goals of providing a safe and high-quality life for our communities and we are confident that the organizers of this premium conference were successful in achieving their objectives.”

On his part, Dr. Jeremy S. Triplett, Laboratory Supervisor at Kentucky State Police Central Forensic Laboratory in the US, said, “At Emirates Forensic this year, I presented a workshop on strategic management in the forensic laboratory and a talk on the challenges associated with analyzing controlled substance cases in the wake of a synthetic opioid epidemic in the United States. The conference has exceeded our expectations and I am certain that attending visitors and delegates found the event helpful in fulfilling their expectations”.

Commenting on his topic, ‘A Case For Better Forensic Entomology Experiments’, Dr. Jeffrey Wells from the Department of Biological Sciences & International Forensic Research Institute at Florida International University, Miami, USA said, “As it has recently become possible to associate a probability with an estimate of time since death, my presentation further illustrated ways to design and interpret postmortem decomposition experiments in order to better estimate when death occurred in a precise manner. With so many statistical models widely available, forensic entomologists and other death investigators should take advantage of the latest tools at their disposal and modify typical research methods.”

Speaking about his topic, Professor Lotti Tajouri, Associate Professor of Genomics and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University, Queensland Australia said, “Our world is changing rapidly as we speak and likewise challenges continue to emerge along with time. Biological threats are probably the most challenging issue facing human beings and all life forms. My presentation entitled “Demonstrating Undetected & Unnoticed Daily entry of Billions of Microbes in our Countries: Are Microbial Forensic Authorities Supported & Prepared to face a potential Targeted and ever Sophisticated Bioterrorism Attack in the Future”, demonstrated how microbes, today, are entering our borders totally unnoticed, undesired and in great numbers and are we prepared to face the risks?”.

The 2nd edition of Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition, is annually organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions - a member of INDEX Holding in partnership with the Dubai Police.


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