Dubai: Dubai International Blockchain Summit (DIBS), concluded in the same manner as it began; with a promise of being one of the most relevant platforms for knowledge sharing, development and adaptation of Blockchain across various disciplines and industries. The event, which hosted expert speakers from across the globe featured a series of insightful speeches, presentations and discussion panels that helped delegates understand this emerging industry.

The summit covered the length and breadth of the subject, with diverse content enough to enlighten the novice observer, excite the seasoned guru and satisfy the skeptics. With topics like ‘Blockchain – A catalyst for economic and social success’, ‘Crypto-Liquidity in 2018’ and ‘Myths about the Blockchain Revolution’ – the daylong event had the attention of all attendees throughout.

“This is perhaps one of the better events in the Blockchain sector that we have ever attended. The concentration of knowledge and resources within speakers and attendees was truly invaluable. It is exciting to see the international Blockchain community brought together, while in other events you get to meet the local industry players, DIBS was really international just like its name,” said Robert Menendez, CFO & Co-Founder of Vezt.

“The response on the event subject while we were preparing for it was very promising, however what we saw this morning in terms of a capacity turnout meant we have certainly done something right. We are delighted by the quality of content our speakers shared and presented and humbled by the response we witnessed from the packed audience. Based on the response, we will be back very soon with a bigger edition of what we are now sure will become a staple industry event in Dubai,” said Alaa Mohra, Organizing Team, Dubai International Blockchain Summit.

“If we transport back to the same time last year, today would have been a Fintech event with perhaps some topics pertaining to Blockchain, and maybe a passing reference to Cryptocurrency. But this is definitely not last year and the influx of talent, quality of content and interest from the audience that I witnessed today was nothing short of remarkable. However my advice to all would be to act on informed, educated and diligent investment decisions as opposed to acting the Fear of Missing Out,” said Simon Cocking, ICO Bench Leading Influencer.

“The quality of speakers and diversity of Blockchain experts, along with the level of interactivity with the audience has made DIBS a very responsive event. The depth of interest from the audience for a deeper understanding of this technology shows why Blockchain is considered revolutionary. There is a real interest in its broader applications and the social impact that can be achieved, showing that emotions and technology go hand in hand. People want to be connected with technology in many ways. Engaging with Blockchain driven businesses that also do good can build profit alongside purpose,” said Sally Eaves, Fintech Professor and Member of Forbes Technology Council.

DIBS marked itself as the region’s largest stand-alone Blockchain summit during its debut season and saw experts from around the world gather including Robert Menendez, Zac Cheah, Stefano Alberico and many more. A total of 50 Fintech pioneers discussed as many topics including banking, finance, health, technology and more, exploring and providing insight on the implications of Blockchain in the near future.

The summit hosted over 2000 delegates and had an exhibition space with over 50 Fintech companies participating. The day ended with the announcement of Dubai International Blockchain Summit’s 2019 edition.


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About Dubai International Blockchain Summit:

ECS Network brings a fresh and unique approach to the event industry and has executed various large scale events for the past 3 years. With a growing trend and interest for investors in Blockchain, the Network decided to launch its very own dedicated Blockchain event, The Dubai International Blockchain Summit (DIBS).

DIBS is built around connecting global Blockchain advocates across various industries by using open communication and a welcoming discussion on development of Blockchain. The upscale gathering will entertain Blockchain enthusiasts, technology experts, international and local Blockchain start-ups, industry leaders and high-end investors.  

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