With crowds returning to normal in the Holy Mosque in Makkah during Ramadan after the lifting of the COVID-19 precautionary measures, and with soaring temperatures, it is essential that all areas of the Holy Mosque are equipped with fresh cool air and are well ventilated at all times to maintain the health and safety of the millions of pilgrims that are coming from all over the Kingdom and the world.

For this purpose, Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), a leading provider of integrated solutions that incorporate HVAC equipment, fire and security systems, building management systems and controls, is implementing its district cooling solutions — one of the most efficient cooling solutions — for the Holy Mosque, perfectly suitable for a range of operating conditions.

District cooling is one of the most cost-effective and performance-effective HVAC solutions for modern buildings and densely populated cities. These solutions provide many economic and environmental advantages over other systems – the cooling plants use renewable energy sources (such as solar energy and bioenergy), which helps to rationalize consumption and preserve energy revenues.

On the other hand, a group of buildings using individually designed cooling systems could see up to 50% more energy consumption than using a district cooling solution, making it more effective and economically feasible not only in terms of energy savings but also space utilization.

Al Shamiya and Ajyad cooling plants designated for cooling Al Haram (with a total cooling capacity of 150,000 TR) which is equivalent to cooling 20,000 apartments, the cooling plant of the Makkah Clock Royal Tower (with a cooling capacity of 46,000TR), and the cooling plant of Jabal Omar (with a cooling capacity of 49,000TR) are examples of the company’s district cooling solutions currently in operation in Makkah.

For district cooling, chillers are installed and operated inside a plant, which is usually a few kilometers away from the buildings and facilities that are to be cooled. The cooled water is pumped from the plant to the air handling units inside Al Haram, the Clock Tower or the hotels and residential buildings in the Jabal Omar area, which in turn are equipped with high-quality filters with a filtration rate of more than 95 percent. This ensures the purity of indoor air in these buildings, thereby protecting the pilgrims from catching any air-bone diseases or infections.

It is worth noting that Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), in addition to district cooling solutions, provides various other cooling solutions, such individual chillers plants to many hotel buildings and residential towers in the central area of Makkah and beyond it. These include Makkah Hotel and Towers, InterContinental Dar Al Tawhid Makkah, Al Rajhi Towers and others.

The company also provides after-sales and maintenance services, which includes maintenance and repair contracts, operation and maintenance contracts, and preventive maintenance. To this end, the company has allocated a special service branch for the Makkah region, led by more than 100 engineers, technicians and administrators, to serve Al Haram, district cooling plants, hotels and towers.

 In order to ensure quality of service and comfort provided to the pilgrims, the number of technicians is increased during peak seasons such as Ramadan and Hajj. The team is able to quickly respond to emergencies and deal with malfunctions in record time.


About Al Salem Johnson Controls

Al Salem Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia joined arms with YORK’s mother company "Johnson Controls", a leading multi-industrial company and a pioneer provider of integrated solutions that incorporate HVAC equipment, fire and security systems, building management systems and controls, for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt & Yemen. 

Known as Al Salem York, we are proud to be one of the first companies in the Kingdom to provide sustainable solutions through products & services that not only optimize energy use, but also improve comfort and security levels. We are pleased to hold the reigns as the biggest supplier of air conditioners in the region. We envision becoming the leaders of market growth in our business; to hold the first rank in each section of the manufacturing & control categories.      

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