The award was presented on the sidelines of the recent Mastercard Mena East Business Forum held in Dubai, and attended by numerous professionals, including fintech and industry experts and banking leaders to exchange ideas and discuss the future of digital payments.

Weyay is the only bank in Kuwait to receive this outstanding recognition. This prestigious award is a testament to the bank’s unwavering commitment to innovation and solidifying its position as a pioneer in Kuwait’s digital banking arena.

Since its inception as Kuwait’s first digital bank in 2021, Weyay has created a forward-looking concept, by combining technology with a dynamic design for a seamless and comprehensive banking experience, while relentlessly striving to develop new products and services to serve the needs of its customers.

Weyay has played a pivotal role in providing cutting-edge banking services to the youth and early career professionals, aligning seamlessly with their tech-centric lifestyles. Through an intuitive mobile application, Weyay extends a comprehensive suite of banking products and services, including Student Allowance and Salary Transfers, Saving Pots, a Digital Store, Budgeting and Tracking, and Referral programs.

An innovation standout is Weyay’s introduction of Kuwait’s first numberless prepaid card, committed to providing their customers with absolute transparency and enhanced accessibility through a streamlined two-step application process. This groundbreaking card sets itself apart with unparalleled transaction transparency, illuminating the traditionally opaque realm of banking by providing a detailed breakdown of fees and markups for international transactions.

Within a short period since launch, Weyay widely captured the interest of GenZ-ers to open new accounts in a simple and fully digital process without any of the usual paperwork. The bank also received many accolades including the “Outstanding Innovation in Mobile Banking” Award in Global Finance’s annual Innovators Awards for 2022.