• The bank has made significant strides in enhancing customer experience and has made substantial progress in its digital transformation journey
  • We remain committed to advancing our services and delivering competitive products that align with the desires of our customers
  • Fostering youth empowerment is a fundamental element of our strategy, and we take great pride in the achievements of our Ajyal alumni
  • Salma Al-Hajjaj: We are pleased with our employees' performance and are eager to train and develop our workforce
  • Gulf Bank's values and unique work environment are embodied in the strong spirit of bonding and communication among our employees

Gulf Bank recently hosted its annual employee ceremony, celebrating the eighth batch graduation of the Ajyal program in the presence of Acting CEO, Mr. Waleed Khaled Mandani, and bank executives.

Mr. Mandani expressed gratitude to employees for their year-long efforts, leading to positive impacts on the bank's overall performance. He highlighted the successful launch of Gulf Capital Investment, Invest GB, and commended collaborative efforts across various departments.

Proud of Gulf Bank's enhanced customer experience, Mr. Mandani emphasized ongoing service development and the introduction of more competitive products.

He highlighted the bank's commitment to prioritizing customers and its significant strides in digital transformation. Additionally, he emphasized the crucial role of youth development in the bank's strategy, particularly through the Ajyal program.

Work Environment

Ms. Salma Al-Hajjaj expressed satisfaction in the numerous accomplishments of Gulf Bank's employees over the past year. Furthermore, she emphasized the bank's strong sense of unity and communication among its staff, highlighting how this cohesion reflects the financial institution's values and distinctive work environment.

She went on to affirm the team's commitment to supporting one another by providing tools and opportunities for the enhancement and growth of the workforce. This commitment is realized through ongoing training initiatives, including participation in the Ajyal Program for Fresh Graduates. Additionally, Gulf Bank collaborates with renowned universities and training institutes worldwide to ensure continuous learning and development for its employees.

Panel Discussion

Conversely, the ceremony featured a panel discussion moderated by Ms. Salma Al-Hajjaj, the General Manager of Human Resources. The panel included Mr. Mohammed Al-Qattan, the General Manager of Consumer Banking, Mr. Faisal Al-Adsani, the Director of Corporate Banking, Ms. Mona Mansour, the General Manager of Customer Support Services, and Mr. Shahzad Anjoom, the General Manager of Information Technology.

During the session, the participants delved into the significant developments witnessed by the bank throughout the year in its digital transformation journey, aiming to solidify its position as a bank geared for the future. Each department provided insights into completed stages and ongoing efforts within this transformative process.

The discussion also highlighted the bank's achievements in sustainability across environmental, social, and governance realms. Emphasis was placed on the bank's dedication to implementing top-tier environmental sustainability practices in the ongoing development processes of its branches.

Ajyal Training Program

The Ajyal training initiative attracts individuals with under five years of experience, offering them the chance to enhance their skills and nurture both their professional and personal development.

In its continuous commitment to developing and enriching the capabilities of its workforce, the bank initiated the ninth edition of the Ajyal program in September 2023. This edition welcomed a fresh cohort of newly recruited trainees in collaboration with the American University of Kuwait.

Gulf Bank's vision is to be the leading Kuwaiti Bank of the Future. The Bank is constantly engaging and empowering its employees as part of an inclusive and diversified workplace in recognition of every employee’s role in delivering customer excellence and serving the community at large. With its extensive network of branches and innovative digital services, Gulf Bank is able to give its customers the choice of how and where to conduct their banking transactions, all while ensuring a simple and seamless banking experience.

Gulf Bank is committed to maintaining robust developments in sustainability at environmental, social and governance levels through diverse sustainability initiatives, strategically selected to benefit the Bank both internally and externally. Gulf Bank supports Kuwait Vision 2035 “New Kuwait” and works with various parties to achieve it.