• Better Together 2030 is aligned with five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Commitment Report planned for January 2024 will set out targets, update on emission reductions and outline Spinneys’ decarbonization plan       

Dubai, UAE – Spinneys, one of the UAE’s leading premium fresh food retailers, has announced the launch of its sustainability strategy, 'Better Together 2030', establishing the Company’s path to becoming a more sustainable business.

Sunil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer at Spinneys, commented: “We are proud to announce the launch of our sustainability strategy, Better Together 2030, a clear testament to our commitment to responsible business practices. In this landmark year of sustainability, as the UAE hosts COP28, there could be no better time for our organisation to double down on its commitment to addressing some of the most urgent environmental and social challenges in our sector.

“Better Together 2030 reflects our belief that business plays a crucial role in shaping the sustainability of our future and envisions a world where premium quality coexists with ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship and community engagement. This is a defining moment in our journey toward a more sustainable future and we are thrilled to be announcing it today, along with a commitment to achieving Net Zero operational emissions by 2040.”

The Better Together strategy is comprehensive and structured around five pillars with specific policies and targets that address important environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) themes:

1- Eat Well, Live Well

Spinneys is dedicated to crafting products that foster healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. This pillar encompasses Spinneys' own brand products, including SpinneysFOOD, SpinneysHOME and SpinneysWELLNESS. Key areas of focus include product quality, nutrition, customer communications, product ranges, sustainability standards and food safety. The Company is targeting 50% of its SpinneysFOOD range to hold the ‘Eat Well’[1] healthy food mark (currently 30%) by 2030. Spinneys also targets 20% of its fresh produce to be organic by 2025 (currently 15%).

2- Sourcing for the Future

Spinneys is unwavering in its commitment to collaborating with local and global growers and producers with the aim for supply chains to meet global best practice standards. Initiatives within this pillar include sustainably sourced products and ingredients, food miles, local and transparent sourcing and a commitment to food security. Spinneys aspires to build on its successful initiatives to support food security in the UAE, aiming to increase the number of farmers participating in its ‘Local Farmers Club’ and the number of startups participating and graduating from its ‘Local Business Incubator’ program.

3- No Time to Waste

Under the No Time to Waste pillar, and as part of the climate action plan, Spinneys aims to reach Net Zero operational emissions by 2040. The Company is also furthering its commitment by establishing a roadmap to mitigate its impact on the environment. This plan covers climate action, energy and emissions management, circular economy practices, biodiversity conservation, logistics and transport efficiency, water conservation, and the implementation of sustainable practices in stores and facilities.

4- Inspired People, Stronger Together

Spinneys' sustainability strategy places a strong emphasis on investment and engagement with all stakeholders in its ecosystem. This includes a focus on employee well-being and development, building strong supplier relationships, and actively participating in and supporting communities local to its stores. Spinneys' deep involvement in community initiatives such as the Spinneys Cycle Challenge, the Farm to Table education initiative, and the Spinneys Family Run series will continue to reinforce the strength and resonance of the brand in the UAE, and the Company has established plans to ramp-up professional development opportunities available to all staff members.

5- Embedding Sustainability

Governed by robust structures, the Embedding Sustainability pillar serves as the foundational support for the preceding four pillars, bringing accountability and the successful implementation of Better Together 2030. This pillar covers strategy refinement, governance frameworks, transparent reporting, KPIs and the cultivation of a sustainability-focused culture within the Company. With oversight from the Board, Spinneys will be integrating ESG performance into internal executive scorecards, utilised to evaluate the targets of the executive team, and established a Sustainability Steering Committee responsible for reviewing materiality and ESG methodology and incorporating ESG initiatives across all business functions. The Company’s annual ESG disclosures will communicate progress in alignment with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

The 'Better Together 2030' strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for “responsible consumption and production”, “life below water”, “decent work and economic growth”, “zero hunger” and “climate action”.

Committed to Combating Climate Change

Spinneys’ leadership is participating in COP28, where senior representatives are attending a series of sessions led by government bodies and NGOs. Focused on critical topics such as food security, decarbonization, and the implementation of circular economy practices, these sessions aim to foster discussions that encourage non-state actors, including businesses, to expedite their journey towards achieving Net Zero emissions in its operations.

In alignment with these discussions and in pursuit of its sustainability goals, Spinneys has committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to achieve Net Zero by 2040 and contribute to the UAE's Net Zero by 2050 target. This objective will be delivered by advancing and enhancing existing successful initiatives, such as the implementation of solar panels on Spinneys’ properties and recycling schemes, while incorporating new opportunities for emission reduction.

Sunil Kumar concluded: As a retailer with longstanding roots in this region, we feel a deep responsibility to reduce our emissions in line with the UAE’s targets. We have therefore set ourselves a Net Zero emissions target of 2040 for our own operations. To achieve this, we are committed to developing strategies that reduce our footprint across our infrastructure and processes, by leveraging relationships with our suppliers and partners, and by enabling our customers to take meaningful action.”

Spinneys aims to publish its Commitment Report in Q1 2024, which will include future targets and progress updates on its sustainability strategy and decarbonisation plan.

[1] Eat Well is a healthy product range focusing on quality, nutrition, safety, and the sustainability of the produce offered by Spinneys to customers 

About Spinneys 

Spinneys’ story started in 1961 when the first supermarket opened in Al Nasr Square. It has since grown to be one of the leading premium supermarket retailers in the UAE, with 75 stores (64 owned and 11 under management, including Waitrose) across the UAE and Oman.  Much loved by expats and locals in the region, Spinneys enjoys a well-deserved reputation for forward thinking, keeping pace with changes in cooking trends and the emergence of new products worldwide.  Today, Spinneys Dubai, owned by UAE national Mr. Ali Albwardy, has built a strong name for supplying top quality produce and offering an elevated level of customer service. Food quality, safety and freshness have always been at the forefront of the company’s ethos – just one reason the Spinneys brand is defined as ‘The fresher experience’. 

Sustainability is strongly embedded into the Spinneys organisation and company goals through the 2025 Let’s Do Better Together plan, into all areas of the business, from reducing food waste, making the packaging more sustainable, to reducing carbon footprint and continuing the Local Business Incubator programme.

For more information about the brand and upcoming news visit: www.spinneys.com    @spinneysdubai