Dubai, UAE - Soom Lite, the UAE's first vegan GLP1 fruit drink and winner of an international award, is taking a proactive step towards preventive healthcare by introducing a series of corporate wellness talks for companies keen to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees as diabetes awareness takes centre stage this month. These talks are offered free by Soom Lite with the aim to raise awareness about sugar spikes, diabetes, and mindful food consumption.

In a move to actively contribute to preventive healthcare, the team behind Soom Lite is launching corporate wellness events and programs to reflect their commitment to foster health-conscious communities. Soom Lite, the UAE's first vegan GLP1 fruit drink, had a recent debut in Dubai, offering a unique solution to curb unhealthy snacking and enhance the flavor of daily meals and was sold out within three weeks.

Soom Lite is the result of collaboration between the UAE's International Beverage and Filling Industries (IBFI), one of the UAE's largest beverage manufacturers, and a team of doctors and scientists from Imperial College London and Oxford in the UK. This innovative vegan beverage promises to revolutionize the way people consume their daily meals.

Last year, the team behind Soom Lite was honored with the prestigious InnovateUK Award, setting high expectations for its performance. Even before its official launch, Soom Lite had already piqued the interest of wellness enthusiasts worldwide as a vegan, low-calorie beverage with a distinctive edge.

Soom Lite is a reduced-sugar fruit juice infused with an EFSA-backed Japanese plant fiber known for its remarkable ability to curb sugar spikes when consumed with meals. Each bottle of Soom Lite contains only around 20 calories and is available in three delectable flavors: orange, guava, and multi-fruit. Manufactured entirely in the UAE, Soom Lite proudly carries the prestigious Emirates Quality Mark and the Made in UAE logo, affirming its adherence to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

When consumed alongside a meal, Soom Lite's Japanese plant fiber plays a vital role in stimulating the natural release of the GLP-1 hormone from the stomach. This process reduces and delays sugar absorption from digestion, effectively curbing the sugar spike typically observed in the bloodstream after eating or drinking. Such sugar spikes, known as prandial glycaemia, are strongly linked to the risks of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Many individuals are unaware that modern food consumption often leads to blood sugar spikes after meals, causing fatigue and discomfort. Plant fiber is known to counteract the impact of unhealthy sugar spikes, which is why salads and vegetables are considered healthy additions to meals.

Soom Lite stands out by containing the most viscous plant fiber naturally found on earth, sourced from a Japanese plant. This unique characteristic enables it to curb and stabilize rapid sugar spikes more effectively than other plant fibers. For those focused on beauty and anti-aging, reducing sugar spikes after eating is key, as recognized by the World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine. As it can be consumed up to six times a day, consumers have flexibility to manage their food choices while enjoying a delicious, low-calorie vegan beverage.

Poised to make a significant impact in the realm of preventive healthcare, Soom Lite offers a practical solution to combat sugar spikes and promote better health and wellness as synthetic versions of GLP-1 hormone, with all the attendant side effects of synthetic hormones, are the active ingredients in slimming/anti-diabetes drugs like ozempic and mounjaro.

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