Travel experts at have revealed their best seven hacks to spend less and find the best deals for their holidays.

Being flexible with dates, times, and destinations will increase the chances of bagging a better deal.

Holiday makers should consider waiting until the following week and making a booking on Travel Tuesday - a day when many of the best flight deals become available.

Making sure to look for bargains in the morning and watching out for hidden fees will also allow travellers to find the lowest prices.

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of said: “Black Friday can be a great way to save a lot of money on flights and other travel expenses such as hotels and car hires.

“It’s important to be prepared for when the discounts start coming in to make sure you’re actually getting the lowest price possible.

“Before confirming your booking, watch out for hidden fees such as specific seat reservations and in-flight entertainment.

“Be flexible with where and when you want to go to maximise your chances of finding a great flight, for less.

“If you miss out on Black Friday remember there is always Travel Tuesday which is only a few days after. Less bargain-hunters know about this which means airlines may be offering better deals later in the week.”

Here are’s seven tips on finding cheap flights this Black Friday:

  • Be flexible

Don’t limit the number of flight options by sticking to an exact day and time as the more flexible you are, the more likely it will be to bag a deal. Search for flights midweek or during unsociable hours to find cheaper options.

  • Wait for Travel Tuesday

Although Black Friday has become synonymous for bagging a deal - waiting until the following Tuesday may offer you even better prices. Travel Tuesday is a little-known hack for those wanting to save money on flights.

  • Sign up for emails

Ahead of Black Friday, sign up for email alerts from airlines, price comparison sites and travel agencies to be ready for any discounts dropping. Companies will sometimes offer email and newsletter subscribers early access for flight deals too.

  • Book in the morning

If possible, jump on your laptop or phone early in the morning to increase your chances of a better Black Friday deal before the flight sells out or tickets become more expensive.

  • Watch out for any hidden costs

Travellers may think they’ve found a good deal but be careful not to be caught out by any hidden fees. Airlines may charge extra for baggage, leg room or specific seats. Benefits like on-board meals or entertainment may look part of the package but are often charged for.

  • Consider the ‘fly anywhere’ option

As well as being flexible with times and dates, when searching for flights consider using the ‘fly anywhere’ option. This way you’re increasing the chance to find a cheap holiday whilst potentially finding a different country you hadn’t thought of visiting.

  • Check social media

Be savvy and keep an eye on airline social media accounts which may be positing exclusive promotions and deals for their followers. Turn on notifications to keep updated on any flash sales.

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