Saudi German Health (SGH) recently hosted its second Investor Day, at the Group’s flagship Riyadh hospital, SGH Riyadh. The event brought together the Group’s different stakeholders and was attended by the Group’s Chairman, Eng. Sobhi Batterejee, President, Mr. Makarem Batterjee, and the entire executive management team. The event included a site tour of the recently inaugurated Medical Tower and bed expansion in Riyadh, and an open discussion with the Group’s executives.

During the meeting, the management discussed the Group’s future expansion plan and digitally focused business strategy to achieve its operating and financial targets, and ongoing efforts to achieve sustainable revenue growth through the diversification and enhancement of offered services. 

“We are proud to continue positioning ourselves as the most geographically diversified and fastest-growing healthcare provider in the Kingdom. Throughout 2022, in addition to Riyadh expansion, we added 3 new facilities in Jeddah, Makkah, and Abha, expanding our network in the Kingdom to 8 hospitals and 2 polyclinics”, Eng. Sobhi Batterjee, SGH’s Chairman, commented.

“As we continue to provide solutions that enhance health outcomes, our primary mission has been to shape the future of healthcare as a global leader in providing patient-centred care. Through this, we aim to offer better care for patients, while providing stakeholders with a long-term growth prospect. Furthermore, we strive to capitalise on opportunities in the rapidly expanding healthcare industry by relying on our vibrant leadership team.” Mr. Makarem Batterjee, SGH’s President, and Dr. Ahmed Shebl, Group CEO, added.


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