Dubai, United Arab Emirates: SAS, the leader in analytics, has announced the launch of the SAS D[n]A Factory in the Middle East. This new initiative will actively support the ambition of Middle Eastern countries to evolve into global hubs for artificial intelligence (AI), creating innovative new applications to solve region- and industry-specific challenges, based on the leading data and AI technologies of SAS.

AI is expected to have a major impact on the Middle East, adding up to US $320 billion to the regional economy by 2030, as economic diversification efforts continue strong. Plus, AI's yearly contribution is expected to grow by 20-34% each year all through the region. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have shown a strong commitment to the development and adoption of AI, already positioning themselves as leaders in the field.

Understanding firsthand the power of trustworthy data, analytics, and AI, SAS has decided to take an unconventional approach to help the region navigate the way forward in confidence. Combining advanced computing resources, the best AI technologies available, and the top Middle Eastern data scientists, the SAS D[n]A Factory aims to test and pilot emerging technology in use case realization across different industries. By testing new technology or new use case, businesses in the Middle East will eventually be able to effectively improve their operations, revenues, and profitability, orchestrating the cutting-edge technologies of SAS in pursuit of their goals.

Mikhail Knyazhev, Customer Advisory Director, Head of SAS D[n]A Factory Middle East, stated: “The SAS D[n]A Factory Middle East is a revolutionary platform that inspires innovation and celebrates creativity. Much like a traditional factory delivers tangible products, our Data and Analytics Factory combines the brightest local talent with the most advanced data, analytics, and AI technologies of SAS to test real value from emerging technology. With the launch of SAS D[n]A Factory, we are reinforcing our commitment to accelerating AI and machine learning adoption, enabling the region to seize the multitude of opportunities that lie ahead.”

Beyond offering access to the latest SAS technologies for exploring new AI use cases, SAS D[n]A Factory also holds the infrastructure and educational methods required to train AI specialists. This demonstrates the company's ongoing investment in empowering a new generation of Middle Eastern technologists. By equipping recent graduates with essential skills in model development and deployment, SAS D[n]A Factory seeks to assist in bridging the region’s AI talent gap.


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