Abu Dhabi: Aiming to make wholesale buying convenient, secure, and transparent, SAFQAT- an online B2B marketplace- will soon debut in the UAE market. Replacing traditional one-on-one interactions, SAFQAT provides a streamlined one-to-many model that reinforces the supplier-buyer connection.

The platform aims for suppliers to reach restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, and grocery stores with a simple click making this platform a one-for-all business solution. With a quick registration process, SAFQAT provides market access to 2000+ active buyers and enables suppliers to access potential buyers worldwide. Unlike similar platforms in the region, SAFQAT stands different by offering commission-free transactions for both buyers and sellers. SAFQAT will also allow members to try and test the products before their final purchase orders, thereby mimicking the advantage of a conventional purchase process.

Khaled AlShanqiti, F&B Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-founder of SAFQAT, said, "Being in the F&B market for several years, we have observed numerous issues that buyers and suppliers face on a day-to-day basis when it comes to supply-chain management. In addition to competitive prices, buyers struggle with finding reliable and trusted suppliers, alternative options, and sourcing new products in the market. As a result, we realised a genuine need for a platform to connect the F&B businesses, and hence the idea for SAFQAT was born two years ago."

"Those in the F&B market know its volatility as some product costs become higher or even suddenly available. Therefore, we aim to provide a quick, transparent, fully digitised buying and selling experience to ensure optimal supply-chain management in good and bad times," he added.

The platform uses best-in-class technology, which ensures reliable communication between partners. With round-the-clock support, transparent order tracking, and AI-driven logistics to innovate financing, SAFQAT will be a hub of F&B suppliers open for 365 days 24/7 for potential buyers. The registration process is simple and can be done by clicking on the website https://safqat.com.



SAFQAT is an online B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can connect and interact with each other. It replaces the traditional one-on-one interaction method and provides a streamlined one-to-many model to reinforce the supplier-buyer connection. Co-founded by Khaled AlShanqiti, Managing Partner and CEO of GC Group and his partner Fares Al Kayyaomi, the platform sources the finest products from reliable suppliers, providing round-the-clock customer support in case of any hassles.

About Khaled AlShanqiti

Khaled AlShanquiti is the co-founder and CEO of SAFQAT. AlShanqiti is an Entrepreneur in the F&B industry with a successful chain of concepts such as Just Burger, which launched in 2015 and reached 50 outlets in the MENA region due to its rapid growth.

In addition, he is the CEO of GC Group, which is the holding company for numerous food and beverage concepts, including Just Burger, Just Fresh, Al Pasha Gourmet, Bio Cafe, Global Chef Catering, and over 20 cloud kitchen F&B concepts. With more than 500 employees, GC group holds an impressive market share with plans for global growth in the pipeline.

Before venturing into the F&B Industry, AlShanqiti worked in Abu Dhabi's semi-government sector and was assigned to one of the strategic programmes in the Emirate valued at 5.7 billion AED.

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