Middle East: Gaming enthusiasts in the Middle East can look forward to a brand new gaming experience this month with the launch of the much-anticipated blockchain–based game Revoland on the HUAWEI CLOUD. The game integrates all the advantages of traditional mobile games, with a high degree of completion and entertainment to create an authentic "social gaming experience" and profit model.

Revoland is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can gather friends to form a team, fight with others, and earn token rewards for their individual skills. Revoland’s gameplay combines players' individual skills and teamwork to challenge themselves in various game modes, with attractive ranking rewards that are updated monthly.

Revoland is the first chain game built on HUAWEI CLOUD with full support from the industry-leading cloud platform. Huawei's public cloud service brand delivers elastic cloud servers, cloud databases, cloud security, software development services, and scenario-based solutions to global customers. Revoland built on the HUAWEI CLOUD promises a differentiated gaming experience to gamers worldwide.

Jimmy Zhao, CEO of Chain X Game, said, “The Middle East’s gaming community is highly engaged and continues to thrive. Hosted on HUAWEI CLOUD, Revoland’s ‘play to earn’ game model will create new sources of income for Middle Eastern gamers as they have fun. We will be tapping into a strong network of telecom operators to drive adoption.”

Frank Dai, President of HUAWEI CLOUD in the Middle East, said: "The resources and versatility of HUAWEI CLOUD create opportunities for developers in all scenarios. Gaming is an immensely popular pastime for Middle East audiences, and we are delighted to be a part of this revolutionary gaming experience as represented by Revoland. We welcome publishers to continue to leverage our Middle East cloud region and our long-standing ICT expertise to create and promote games that enhances the experiences of gaming enthusiasts the in the future and enriches the digital entertainment sector in the Middle East region."   

Revoland demonstrates the rapid progress of blockchain-based games, a segment referred to as GameFi. The game goes beyond traditional blockchain card games, adding a variety of changes to the gameplay that allows crypto players to reap the benefits of ‘play to earn’. With Revoland, publisher Chain X Game targets not only investors and blockchain enthusiasts but also hardcore gamers. Chain X Game's first project, Puppy Planet, was a huge success, completing multiple milestones in just three months. This success and momentum allowed the developer to bring brand-new and intense "play to earn" gaming experience to Revoland.

MOBA games are currently a significant segment of eSports and have brought new excitement to the sector in recent years. Insiders expect GameFi, which combines high-quality game production capabilities with a deep understanding of blockchain, to drive the next era of gaming.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI CLOUD has emerged as an essential platform for internet companies and organizations to go digital. In the Middle East, HUAWEI CLOUD offers more than 220 services through 19 data centers, with a growing list of more than 80 marketplace offerings and more than 200 partners having already joined hands with HUAWEI CLOUD.


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