Dubai, United Arab Emirates: ReelStar, the first ‘everything app’ developed from the ground up on a decentralized Web3 multi-blockchain platform, is launching its second round of Initial Token Offering for its utility token, ReelToken (REELT). 

Any individual can safely and securely hold ReelToken (REELT) using the ReelStar app. Individuals who hold ReelTokens can hold REELT efficiently, cost-effectively, safely, and securely, exchange them for Fiat (e.g., USD, INR, EUR) or Cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, XRP), and use REELT to obtain goods and services through the ReelStar App.

The app offers an application that is capable of supporting all social media types, in a single app, not only replacing but also enhancing the functionality of existing social media apps. By providing seamless, in-app access to NFT creation, the NFT Marketplace, and, in the near future, the Metaverse, the same app provides a unique portal into the Web3 world. 

ReelStar App would provide a great opportunity for creators and artists in the region. It will provide global opportunities as well as a Web3 passport to every creator and artist. Anyone with a flair for artistic creativity or a knack for entertaining can join the platform. The app will have an in-app non-fungible token (NFT) creation feature and an NFT marketplace for creators and artists in an easy-to-use and familiar environment. It will be accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

Using ReelStar, even those with no technical or financial expertise can take advantage of the app's potential unlimited earning opportunities due to its focus on community, user experience, extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency industry, and formidable international management team.

Reel Token crowdsale
Those who understand tokenomics and crypto-asset value drivers will realize the exciting opportunity and rewards from participation in the ReelToken ITO.

ReelToken leverages the Smart Contract functionality in the Polygon (MATIC) and Binance platforms to easily incorporate highly-customizable Smart Contract functionality within the app.

ReelToken has a total supply of 15 billion tokens determined with reference to fundamental economic and financial theories and principles to ensure the ongoing integrity, value, and utility of the REELT.


About ReelStar
The ReelStar, the first ‘everything app’ developed from the ground up on a decentralized Web3 multi-blockchain platform with integrated live streaming, video sharing, peer-to-peer chat, audio/video calling, NFT minting, NFT marketplace and a Digital Wallet with unique functionalities.

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About ReelToken
ReelToken is the utility token crafted by ReelCrypto to power the ReelStar app and ecosystem designed to revolutionize and invigorate the global video, media, and entertainment industry.

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Communications Manager
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