• Training will be delivered in collaboration with Al Rayyan International University College

In a bid to enhance the visitor experience, Qatar Tourism (QT), in collaboration with Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU), has organised training for more than 200 customer service staff and information providers across the country over the course of the next six weeks. 

This training comes as part of a two-part program designed for staff manning the customer service desks and information centers found at areas of high footfall such as malls, museums, and tourist attractions. The in-person training delivered to service providers by specialised instructors, professors, and tourism experts from ARIU follows on three online training modules in English which covered the fundamentals of Qatar as a tourist destination, Service Excellence and the tourism sector in Qatar.

In addition to providing comprehensive online and in-person training, QT is also supporting with the provision of the latest resources and materials such as event brochures, tourist attraction maps and general info pamphlets.

Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, Berthold Trenkel at QT said, “This initiative is designed to complement QT’s Service Excellence activities aimed at delivering an exceptional experience to visitors at every touchpoint. We’re particularly excited to be holding this training in person as it will bring full circle our efforts to emphasis the importance of interpersonal interactions and empower an ever-growing team of visitor-facing professionals to promote Qatar’s attractions and serve as reliable tourism reference points for visitors and residents alike.”

He added, “we are delighted to be working with ARIU for the first time to deliver this specialised training programme and look forward to more collaborations for the training and continuous development of tourist-facing service staff in the long term.”

As one of the region’s leading universities for delivering Hospitality & Tourism education, ARIU is an important part of the tourism sector ecosystem realising Qatar’s tourism strategy, particularly in the area of Service Excellence and unique experience delivery.

Dr. Ivan Ninov, Executive Dean at ARIU said: “This wonderful initiative, organised by Qatar Tourism, is aimed at significantly improving the level of service quality across the tertiary sector.   ARIU is the premier higher education provider of hospitality and tourism education in the State of Qatar, and as such we are fully committed to support all governmental initiatives to develop and grow this strategically important economic sector. We are confident that the participants will benefit from the acquired knowledge and will be able to successfully apply it in their workplaces and enhance the levels of Service Excellence across different service organisations in the country.