Dubai, UAE; Qashio – the leading Corporate Card provider in MENA – has launched their new rewards program offering over 100 new discounts and benefits to further support its customers with the best Rewards and Loyalty program for businesses in the region.

This partnership with leading global multinational companies and institutions comes on the back of a strong investment in exceptional service, in alignment with their mission to provide the a wide array of benefits to their clients and simplify access to all essential services. While most loyalty programs in the Middle East and North Africa have complex and limiting terms and conditions, Qashio has adjusted their structure to give unlimited cashback, points and other benefits depending on the client’s performance – resulting in rewards with every spend.

This approach has attracted the attention and trust of major industry players like Google, Microsoft, AWS, Emirates and, among the list of over 100 partners.

This initiative has helped Qashio to form more key partnerships to further strengthen the eco-system for their clients. This stands out in the industry as other similar platforms are currently dealing with inefficiencies from their loyalty programs, operating with higher costs and lower profits.

According to Gartner, only 10% of B2B platforms offer loyalty programs to their customers.

Armin Moradi, co-founder and CEO of Qashio, said that, “Not only are we able to provide our customers’ value on their daily expenses through our corporate cards, Qashio Points and Emirates Skywards miles, we also believe that these offers will help businesses in their day to day activities, especially when it comes to digital marketing.”

“There is a clear gap with regards to B2B loyalty and rewards programs in the region so this was a logical step for us, aiming to add as much value as possible for our customers. This makes complete business sense too. According to Forrester, a small 2% increase in retention results in a 10% reduction in cost - which can be passed back to customers.” Moradi added”

Qashio currently provides over 100 different offers to customers – including discounted digital advertising and cloud hosting services, co-working spaces, document processing, hotel booking, and even CRM platforms.

With a goal to give organizations a comprehensive solution to manage expenses efficiently, their Spend Management platform aims to reduce financial leakage and gain greater control over spending – as well as daily savings on critical business operations.

Besides the company’s fast growing rewards and loyalty programs, Qashio offers easy, fast and budget friendly insurance for people and businesses, while supporting their SME’s with quick access to working capital loans through trusted partner Credible X in less than 48 hours.

As part of their vision of creating more streamlined financial operations and expenses, Qashio continues to help businesses thrive by providing industry-leading benefits and outstanding services to clients.

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