Dubai, UAE – Qashio, a leader in fintech innovations, in partnership with CredibleX, MENA’s pioneering embedded finance platform, has announced the launch of 'Qashio Financing'. This new initiative marks a significant step forward in providing flexible and accessible financing to businesses of all sizes.

'Qashio Financing' is designed to help businesses accelerate growth, bridge cash flow gaps, and enhance operational efficiency with ease. The service delivers quick access to funds, competitive rates, and a streamlined, user-friendly process for Qashio’s SME customers, powered by CredibleX.

"Qashio is committed to empowering SMEs and businesses with dynamic financial tools, to seamlessly manage critical processes and essential business needs, 'Qashio Financing' is a testament to this commitment. Through this partnership with CredibleX, we deliver a solution that not only addresses the immediate financial needs of our customers but also supports their long-term growth objectives," said Armin Moradi, Co-Founder and CEO of Qashio.

Ahmad Malik, Co-Founder of CredibleX added: "Our partnership with Qashio is a game-changer for SMEs, bringing together instantaneous credit decision-making, a choice of financing options for SMEs and a seamless, embedded journey within Qashio’s application. In this way, SMEs can access a highly tailored and efficient financial support system that addresses their unique challenges.

The 2023 Mastercard SME Confidence Index indicates a positive outlook in the MENA region, with 72% of SMEs expecting stable or growing revenue with 92% emphasising the need for access to a wider range of financial services. In response to this, 'Qashio Financing' stands out with its key features designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. It offers quick financing options, ensuring timely access to funds when businesses need them the most. The service provides competitive rates to support and facilitate business growth. Its streamlined process provides an easy-to-navigate application experience, ensuring a hassle-free approach to financing. Additionally, 'Qashio Financing' is characterised by its flexibility, offering solutions that cater to a wide range of business needs and sizes.

Qashio and CredibleX invite businesses to explore how 'Qashio Financing' can catalyse their growth and success. For more information and to apply, please visit

About Qashio

Qashio, a multi-award-winning fintech company, is renowned for its innovative approaches in corporate cards and expense management solutions. Dedicated to simplifying financial processes, Qashio fosters growth and efficiency in businesses.

About CredibleX

CredibleX is MENA’s pioneering embedded finance platform, powering businesses to provide their SME customers and suppliers with instant access to credit solutions at scale and without hassle or risk. It is on a mission to positively impact 20,000 SMEs in 2024 within a community that typically struggles to access financing options.